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MS Course Requirements

Courses Hours
FANR 7000 (Master's Research)       6
FANR 7300 (Master's Thesis)       3
Graduate-only level coursework1,2      12
Any graduate level coursework       9
Total      30

1Coursework open only to Graduate Students.  Must include:

  • 4 hours of Experimental Methods (FANR 6750). Statistical Methods II (STAT 6220), or a higher level statistics course can replace FANR 6750 or this requirement can be satisfied by an equivalent graduate-level statistics course taken previously.
  • 3 hours of Scientific Research (FANR 8200) 
  • 1 hour of Forestry and Natural Resources Seminar Series (FANR 8060).  Repeatable but no more than 1 hour may count toward the Program of Study.

2Fisheries and Wildlife majors only: 1 hour of graduate seminar (e.g., WILD/FISH 8300, ECOL 8220, CBIO 8490, etc.).