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Graduate Degrees

The Warnell School promotes the development of scientists and professional resource managers capable of solving natural resource problems through understanding and application of biological, economic, environmental, social, and analytical principles.  Graduate students in Warnell are expected to be creative scholars and to develop the ability to fill positions of leadership in research, education, and management. 

Master of Forest Resources or Master of Natural Resources

These are terminal, non-thesis degrees suitable for students who want additional instruction and training in Forest Resources or Natural Resources. The MFR and MNR require a minimum of 33 semester hours of graduate-level course work, but additional courses or other products may be required by the student’s Advisory Committee. 

Additional Reading: Master of Forest Resources Careers: The Possibilities (pdf)

Master of Science

This is a research degree designed for students who want to specialize in particular academic or scientific areas. This degree is for students who plan an academic, research, or staff specialist career, and for those students who plan to pursue a PhD. The MS requires a thesis and minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate level course work but additional courses may be required by the student’s Advisory Committee.

Doctor of Philosophy

The PhD is frequently required for research and staff specialist positions, and is nearly always required for university faculty positions. The degree is often regarded as specialized education within a relatively narrow field of expertise. The PhD requires a dissertation and a minimum of 30 hours of consecutive course work but additional courses may be required by the student’s Advisory Committee.

A Master’s degree is required for admission to the PhD program. A student with an extraordinary baccalaureate record (such as a research publication) may petition the Graduate Affairs Committee for admission to the doctoral program.  Contact the Warnell Graduate Programs Office for information about appeals.