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Student Laptop Minimum Requirements

Warnell does not recommend a specific brand or model of laptop. Instead, we have compiled a list of important computer components and our recommended minimum specifications. Warnell does not provide service for student laptops so a maintenance plan or extended warranty may also be helpful.

When purchasing your laptop, any modern ‘gaming’ laptop is appropriate where a better CPU and more RAM will deliver a superior computing experience. Tablet style devices like the iPad, any of the Android tablets, and the Chromebook are not suitable for many of the intensive computing tasks you will be asked to perform.

In addition to a computer, you will probably need a small flash drive to transfer files and some form of backup storage (device or cloud).

Component Recommended Minimum Specification
Windows OS Windows 10 Pro or newer
Mac OS* OS X 10.13 or newer *
Processor i7, (7th, 8th gen., +), i9 or AMD Ryzen 5 or newer
Memory 16GB+
Video/Graphics card 256MB or higher
Hard drive 250GB (SSD preferred) for programs, 2TB for data
Optical drive Not required
Networking Gigabit ethernet and wireless 802.11 (g, n, and/or ac)         
External ports At least one USB 3.0
Touch screen Not necessary

*Please note that many of the software packages you will use while enrolled at Warnell are for Windows only. If you decide to purchase a Mac, you must use software virtualization (VMWare Fusion, Virtual Box, or Parallels) to install a copy of Windows inside IOS (a license for the Windows operating system can be obtained through the University at a deep discount).


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Tutorials & Training

Online Course Evaluations

  • Franklin College is hosting and administering the online evaluations for Warnell courses. If you have any trouble with the online evaluation, please contact Jenny Yearwood, or call 706-542-4284.
  • Evaluation Questions

  • Instructors and TA's

    • Log in at using your UGA MyID to see the list of classes you're teaching
    • Can see details of courses by clicking on Stats link
    • Can see who has/has not completed evaluation
    • Can get results of evaluations ONLY after grades are turned in
    • Instructor access limitations are to protect confidentiality
    • Instructors can not add to or edit available questions-this must be done as a faculty
    • All TAs assigned by Warnell will automatically get an evaluation. Volunteer TA's can also be evaluated, just let Morgan know.
    • You can Download the results by checking the box next to the Stats link and choosing either TSV or XML format links. Choose the TSV link if you want to open it in Excel.
  • Students

    • Log in at using your UGA MyID
    • Will see list of all class evaluations that are open and are using the Franklin system, regardless of school/college
    • When finish evaluation for one class, will be returned to the main menu where you can continue evaluations for all open courses
    • Evaluations for Warnell TAs are available through the same menu. It is possible that your TA is not in the online system - if this is the case, contact your instructor
  • Administrators

    • Collects course information for all Warnell instructors
    • Opens/closes evaluations
    • Enters and edits some of the course/instructor/student information
    • Collects data at end of evaluation period and backs it up

ArcGIS Training

  • Under our UGA ESRI site license, students have access to ESRI's Virtual Campus. Here, you can enroll in online ArcGIS courses that are self-instructed and self-paced. This is an excellent way to get up to speed with ArcGIS (ArcMap, ArcCatalog, ArcToolbox, etc). Here is a list of courses available to us.
  • If you see a class that you are interested in, send Geoff Garland ( an email requesting an "ESRI Virtual Campus class login code". You should include the course title from the link above and inform him you are a student currently enrolled at Warnell. This is available to faculty and staff also.
  • Also, ESRI offers a 1-year timeout version of ArcView 9.2 to students for educational purposes. Unlike the software we get under the University of Georgia ESRI Site License, students can install this on their personal computer. For students who are interested in this program, get your professor to submit a request to ESRI.
  • If you have questions, contact Tripp Lowe at 706-542-1074 or

Accessing Folders On Warnell Server

  • All Faculty, Staff and Students are given access to folders on Warnell servers.
  • The simplest way to access these folders is to log in with your MYID and password on any machine that is joined to the UGA domain.
  • On a Windows machine these folders are automatically mapped to drive letters.
  • On a Mac, go to Finder>Go>Connect to Server>smb:// and enter your MyID and pw. 
  • If off campus, first go through the Remote Access VPN (
  • The default folder access for most users is:


  • M: is your home drive. This is your personal folder that only you have access to. You should have full rights to this folder.
  • N: Class folders. This is a repository for materials you would like to automatically make available to your students. You should have full rights to this folder and all subfolders.


  • M: is your home drive. This is your personal folder that only you have access to. You should have full rights to this folder.


  • M: is your home drive. This is your personal folder that only you have access to. You should have full rights to this folder.
  • N: Class folders. This is a repository for materials your professors make available for you. You should have read only rights to these materials.
  • O: Giff folders. This is data that is made available by our GIS/Spatial group for use in the Spatial Labs and courses. You should have read access to this folder and subfolders.