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Experiential Learning Requirement

All first-year students matriculating in summer 2016 or later, and all transfer students matriculating fall 2016 or later will have to satisfy the experiential learning requirement to graduate.

Fisheries & wildlife students should not confuse this requirement with the "professional experience" requirement under that major.  That requirement is separate.

Warnell Courses Approved to Satisfy the Experiential Learning Requirement:

Capstone Courses:

FANR 4500S - Senior Project in Forestry and Natural Resources Management

FANR 4990R - Senior Thesis in Forestry and Natural Resources

Internship Courses:

COFA 3900 - Community Forestry & Arboriculture Internship

FISH 3900 - Fisheries Internship

FORS 3900 - Forestry Internship

GISC 3900 - GIS Internship

PRTM 3900 - Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management Internship

WASR 3900 - Water and Soil Resources Internship

WILD 3900 - Wildlife Internship

FANR 4261 - Museum of Natural History Internship

Study Abroad and Field Courses:

FANR 4271 - Field Studies in Natural Resources (various; Spring Break in Hawaii)

FORS 4250/6250 - International Forest Management (Brazil)

FORS 4760 - Agroforestry in the Caribbean (U.S. Virgin Islands)

WILD 4575-4575L - Conservation Medicine (Costa Rica)

WILD 5200 - International Issues in Wildlife Conservation (South Africa and Botswana)

Service-Learning Courses:

FANR 4273S - Field Studies in Sustainable Development

FANR 4444S - Foundations of Environmental Education

FANR 4500S - Senior Project in Forestry and Natural Resources Management