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Warnell Help Email   
Malissa Russell Bldg. 4-328 706-542-3789
Mark Cherry Bldg. 1-215 706-542-3953
Brent Peterson Bldg. 4-329 706-542-4297

Warnell Services

Need Primary Notes
Antivirus: Trend Micro Brent Information
Backups (server & shared folders) Mark  
Check-Out Technology Equipment Brent Laptops, projectors, overhead, webcam, audio, video, cables, etc.
Classroom Technology Brent Computer, projectors, audio, document cameras,  smartboards, etc.
Computer Configuration & Assistance Brent  
Computer Labs Mark 4-419(GIS), 4-515(Grad), 1-201, 1-210 (bring your own)
Warnell Continuing Education Online Ingvar Elle Ingvar: 4-508, 706-543-0566
Course Evaluations Jenny Yearwood Information
eLC Malissa Information
Email (UGAMail) Any Information
File Transfer: UGA Send Files Malissa Information
GIS lab (4-419) Tripp Lowe Tripp: 4-514, 706-542-1074
Graphics & Photography Wade Newbury Wade: 1-214a, 706-542-0260
Ink/Toner/Paper – Lab Printers Mark Paper in main office
Listservs Mark Information
Mobile Device Configuration Malissa/Brent  
MyID  Any Information
Network Drops Mike Hunter Mike: 706-542-4287
OneDrive: Collaborative Online Files Malissa Information
Online Learning & Courses Malissa Office of Online Learning & CTL
PAWS Secure Wireless / eduroam Mark Information
Phone Conferencing (landline) Ashley M. 2-225, 706-542-3092
Plotter (GIS lab) Mark Tripp: 4-514, 706-542-1074
Printer Maintenance Mark Will contact an outside contractor for major repairs
Qualtrics Survey Tool Mark/Malissa Information
Security Mark Information
Servers Mark  
Shared Folders on Server Mark  
Site Licensed Software Malissa Information
Social Media Kristen Kristen: 1-208, 706-542-2079
Software Purchasing Malissa  
Student Tech Fee (STF) Information Malissa  
Technology Consulting Any  
Technology Purchasing Malissa/Brent Information
Video Services Malissa/Brent filming, live streaming, checkout equipment, editing, etc.
Videoconferencing Malissa/Brent Information
Vlab Any Information
Warnell Logo & Others Kristen Morales Information
Warnell News  Kristen Morales Kristen: 1-208, 706-542-2079
Warnell Online Calendar Malissa  
Website Malissa  
Websites (Lab, Club, etc.) Malissa Information
Wireless/Wired Network Mark Information

Printing Posters on the Plotter in 4-515

Many of you will need to use a plotter to print a poster for class or a conferences. We strive to keep them working and ready to go but they can be a fussy machines. Try not to wait until the night before your plane leaves to attempt to print your poster.

Please follow the instructions on the wall and/or check with Brent, Mark or Tripp if you need help. (Coming soon!)

The poster plotter (HP DesignJet Z6200) is installed in the Graduate Student Computer Lab, Building 4, Room 515. You will need a key or key-card to access this space. These can be checked out (with a check or money order deposit) from Ashley McCullough in Room 2-225 M/F 1-4, W 9-12/1-4.

Instructions (PDF):

Plotting a PowerPoint Poster from a Grad Lab Computer

Paper Handling

Front Panel and Error Codes

Plotter Manual

This new plotter can print up to 42 inches wide. You can, however, use 36" paper. Many conference posters are 48x36. In this case, 36" paper is better because you do not have to cut any off. Another option is to resize your poster to fit the 42" paper. 

You can use the plain paper that is currently on the roll. If you want glossy paper, you should check with your major professor/lab/other group to see what they have or buy a roll with other people. You can then change out the paper to print your poster. If you need help with what to order, see Brent, Mark, or Malissa. Currently, we recommend B&H Photo selling HP Paper ( 36" Gloss, 42" Gloss, 36" Plain, 42" Plain)

Keep an eye on the levels of toner and printhead life and alert Mark or Brent, especially in times of heavy use. We usually have extra toner and printheads but ordering can take several days.

The old 36" plotter in the GIS lab is out of ink and is being retired.

Planning ahead is always recommended but we realize that it is not always possible. If you are in a jam and need a poster, below are some pay alternatives for you. This is not a complete list - just a few places on campus and in Athens where you can pay for a poster.

Mark Cherry: 1-215, 542-3953,
Brent Peterson: 4-329, 542-4273,
Tripp Lowe: 4-514, 542-1074,


College of Education
Office of Information Technology
$6 per sf
unknown size
232 Aderhold Hall
110 Carlton Street
706-542-8007 Link
Graduate School Free printing but you supply the paper
size limited to 24x64 max
Terrell Hall
210 S. Jackson St.
706-542-1739 Link

Tate Center Copy Print

Submit Online
36" photo paper=$.95 per linear inch (other sizes/prices on website)

375 Tate Student Center 706-542-8493 Link
Vet School (not sure if you have to be a vet student) $5-6 per sf Educational Resources
UGA College of Vet Med Building 2
Harsh Jain, 706.542.5775,
Thel Melton, 706.542.4957,
College of Public Health $30 +$10 for rush RM 008, Rhodes Hall, UGA Health Sciences Campu (706) 296-4576 (Ben Morrison) or 706-255-7225 (Maria Cleghorne) CPHOIT@UGA.EDU Link
UPS Store   1720 Epps Bridge Parkway Suite 108, Athens, GA 30606Phone: 706-543-5431 706-543-5431
Bel-Jean   163 E Broad St
Athens, GA 30601
(706) 548-3648 Link
Athens Printing Co   1135 Cedar Shoals Dr. 706-353-2632 Link
FexEx   2235 W. Broad St. 706-353-8755 Link

General Printing

Warnell provides laser printers for student use in these locations: 1-201, 1-210, Building 4 Lobby, 4-419 (GIS Lab use only), 4-515 (Grad Computer Lab, grad students only). 

Warnell students pay for this resource with their student tech fees. Please do not share this resource with students from other schools/colleges/units.

If you need paper/toner, please let us know.

Accessing Folders On Warnell Server

  • All Faculty, Staff and Students are given access to folders on Warnell servers.
  • The simplest way to access these folders is to log in with your MYID and password on any machine that is joined to the UGA domain.
  • On a Windows machine these folders are automatically mapped to drive letters.
  • On a Mac, go to Finder>Go>Connect to Server>smb:// and enter your MyID and pw. 
  • If off campus, first go through the Remote Access VPN (
  • The default folder access for most users is:


  • M: is your home drive. This is your personal folder that only you have access to. You should have full rights to this folder.
  • N: Class folders. This is a repository for materials you would like to automatically make available to your students. You should have full rights to this folder and all subfolders.


  • M: is your home drive. This is your personal folder that only you have access to. You should have full rights to this folder.


  • M: is your home drive. This is your personal folder that only you have access to. You should have full rights to this folder.
  • N: Class folders. This is a repository for materials your professors make available for you. You should have read only rights to these materials.
  • O: Giff folders. This is data that is made available by our GIS/Spatial group for use in the Spatial Labs and courses. You should have read access to this folder and subfolders.

Web Conferencing 

Web Conferencing

We offer several different ways to connect with remote participants for meetings, guest lectures, presentations, etc. Your remote participant may be limited on what they are allowed to use, always check with them. If they are in the field or somewhere with slow bandwidth, consider limited your use of video and/or screen sharing.

  • Equipment:
    • 3 conference rooms are equipped with permanent camera/mic/speakers.
      • Keadle Conference Room (2-201) & 4-132: can be accessed & controlled using the AMX touch panel next to the monitor. Camera is on the back wall, mic and speakers are in the ceiling.
      • 4-301: A Logitech conference camera/mic/speaker is attached to the computer via USB cable. You can move it around to get the best view.
    • We have several webcams and/or USB headset/mics available to checkout. These can be used in the other class/conference rooms or on your office computer.
  • Applications 
    • Zoom (1 license)
      • Meetings can be prescheduled by contacting Malissa,
      • Remote participants are sent details and a link that can be used on a computer or mobile device. They can also call in using a phone number.
      • If you are a faculty member who has frequent web conferences and would like to handle your own scheduling, let Malissa know and she will give you the account information.
      •, sign in with Zoom account info.
      • Zoom features: Prescheduling, video, audio, chat, share screen, up to 25 participants, record video/screen/audio.
    • Skype (free)
      • Loaded on every class/conference room computer.
      • Requires a Skype name/account and you need to know the Skype name of the remote participants.
      • Start up Skype, log in with your Skype account info.
      • Skype Features: Video, audio, chat, share screen, add multiple people, share files. 
      • Skype for Business offered through your UGAmail account & MS Office 365.
    • Collaborate Ultra & Blackboard Collaborate (through eLC)
      • Used within eLC for instructional web conferencing and online learning.
      • Features: Video, audio, chat, share screen, whiteboard, share files. 

Solstice Pod Collaboration  


Welcome to the Solstice Pod in the Wilson-Greene Student Lounge


Connecting with iOS:


  • Download the Mersive Solstice Pod App from the Apple’s App Store


  • Launch the Solstice App
  • Enter a screen name for your device. i.e. Warnell iPhone
  • Enter the IP address displayed on the screen
  • Enter the key code displayed on the screen
  • Start sharing content!


  • To Mirror the screen, tap “mirror screen” in the solstice app
  • Go to iOS control center and select Wilson-Greene Lounge
  • Input the key from the display
  • Within the app you can choose the main content for the screen by moving data to he side of the main screen or back to the center to display


Connecting with Android:


  • Download the app from Google Play


  • See Mark Cherry in 1-215 for instructions how to connect and use Android OS.

Mail List Use & Policy



UGA Resources


New to Campus? Start Here!

Campus Technology Guides from UGA EITS

front page of student guide from eits front page of faculty guide from sits
Student Guide Faculty/Staff Guide

Helpful Sites at UGA

EITS Help Desk (706) 542-3106,
MyUGA Portal Major services at UGA including technology training (
UGA Systems Status Report or check on technology system problems
CTL (Center for Teaching & Learning) Provides campus-wide leadership on matters relating to instruction
OOL (Office of Online Learning) Develops & manages UGA online degrees, programs & courses
eLC (Electronic Learning Commons) UGA's learning management system
UGAMail & OneDrive UGA's mail and file collaboration system
Vlab Virtual lab for remote access to site licensed software
SendFiles Securely transmit sensitive or large files 
Listserv Email list management system
UGA Training & Development Have some courses in technology
Site Licensed Software Variety of software for download/use by UGA