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Whitehall Forest

Whitehall Forest covers approximately 840 acres in the piedmont region's Clarke and Oconee Counties, approximately 4 miles from downtown Athens, Ga. The forest is comprised of natural pine, planted pine, pine hardwood, hardwood pine, upland hardwood, and bottomland hardwood. The property is bordered on the north by Whitehall Road, on the east by the North Oconee River and the Norfolk Southern Railroad, on the south by the North Oconee and Middle Oconee Rivers, and on the west by the Middle Oconee River. The Georgia Rural Rehabilitation Corporation acquired the property on 1936 and subsequently deeded it to the University of Georgia Board of Regents on July 15, 1936.

An addition to Whitehall Forest was made on December 15, 1978 with the gift on the Nat D. Arnold Memorial Forest. The property was deeded to the Universityof Georgia Board of Regents by Nathaniel A. Hardin, Hazel M. Harden Wright, and Catherine J. Hardin Newton. This Memorial consists of 46 acres. Whitehall Forest is home to several research facilities including the L.L. Pete Phillips Wood Utilization Plant Sciences Building, the Whitehall Deer Research Facilities, the Aquatic Biotech Environmental Lab, and the Whitehall Fisheries Lab. There are also several Federal offices and labs located at Whitehall Forest including the USFS, USGS, and USDA APHIS. Located on the most southern part of Whitehall Forest, Flinchum's Phoenix is used by state and federal agencies and UGA departments for meetings, classes and related functions.


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