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MFR Course Requirements

The MFR requires a minimum of 33 semester hours of graduate-level course work, but additional courses may be required by the student’s Advisory Committee.

MFR in Forest Business Management Degree Requirements

MFR (non-Forest Business) requirements:

Courses Hours
Courses within Warnell 12
Courses outside study area 9
Electives* 11
Policy, Economics, and Administration requirement** 1
Total 33

*3 hours of Applied Research in Forestry and Natural Resources (FANR 9200) is recommended, but optional at the discretion of the Advisory Committee.

**The following courses satisfy this requirement:

FANR 6800 Renewable Natural Resources Policy
FANR 6810 Natural Resources Law
FORS 7750 Procurement and Management of Fiber Supply
FORS 6200 International Forest Business
FORS 7070 Forest Resource Consulting and Real Estate Practice
FORS 7720 Forest Harvesting and Roads
FORS 7780 Timberland Accounting, Finance and Taxation
FORS 6700 Forest Economics
FORS 6710 Forest Planning