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Wood Quality Consortium

Wood Quality Consortium Summary


  • Research and outreach into wood and fiber quality of plantation southern pine
  • Founded in 2000 as a cooperative between industry, USDA Forest Service, and UGA


The objective of the Wood Quality Consortium is to improve wood and fiber production, procurement, and utilization of southern pine plantations by providing data, prediction tools, analyses, and field methods for incorporating wood and fiber properties into timber growing, procurement, and manufacturing decisions.

Current Projects

  • Linking forest management and genetic improvement to wood and lumber properties
  • Characterization of fiber properties collected across South wide baseline study
  • Modeling wood quality responses to silviculture, environmental variables, and soil


  • South wide baseline study of specific gravity of loblolly pine
  • Ring-by-ring, disk, tree, stand, and regional variation in specific gravity
  • Specific gravity responses to intensive culture:  initial spacing, thinning, fertilization, vegetation control, advanced genetics


  • Forest and mill sampling for wood and fiber properties
  • Sample preparation
    • Wood-Mizer sawmill and fully equipped woodshop
    • Chipper and chip sorters
    • Dry kiln and ovens
  • Lab analyses for wood properties
    • Wood and bark moisture content and specific gravity
  • Ring-by-ring wood density (X-ray densitometry)
  • Fiber properties (fiber analyzer)
  • Wood stiffness (standing tree, logs, wood samples)
  • Wood stiffness and strength (static bending, tension)
  • Modeling and prediction of wood and fiber properties


Wood Quality Consortium Current Projects

Project:  linking linking knot size, location, and shape on the mechanical properties of loblolly pine.

Loblolly pine lumber with knots identified


Project:  quantifying within-tree and regional variation in fiber properties for loblolly pine.

Loblolly pine fibers

Project:  linking environmental variables with regional variation in loblolly pine specific gravity

Loblolly pine regional variation in specific gravity


Wood Quality Consortium Equipment & Facilities

Forest and mill sampling for wood and fiber properties

Forest samplingCollecting cores from treesMill Study

Wood-mizer sawmill


Chipper (under construction)

Wood Chipper


Dry Kiln

Wood and bark moisture content and specific gravity


Ring-by-ring wood density

X-ray densitometry

Fiber properties

MorFi Compact

High-resolution acoustic velocity (wood stiffness)

AcousticsWood stiffness via acoustics

Standing tree & log acoustic velocity (wood stiffness)

Lumber and composite bending strength and stiffness

Bending strength and stiffness

Lumber and composite tension strength