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Wildlife Internships

Deseret Ranches
AgReserves, Inc
Job Field:
Job Type:
Seasonal, Temporary, Internship
Location Detail:
St Cloud
Job Description:

AgReserves, Inc., a large agricultural landowner, is seeking motivated wildlife students each semester (spring, summer, and fall), for paid, semester-long wildlife internships at its ranching operations in the U. S. and Canada.  These properties are managed for cattle production, forestry, and other natural resources, including wildlife.  This program is focused on students in programs similar to the following: Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Science, Environmental Science, Range and Wildlife Management


Opportunity: Wildlife interns will be exposed to a variety of practical game and non-game wildlife management activities, while experiencing first-hand how a large agricultural operation manages for multiple uses. 


Major Project: Each intern is assigned a major project dealing with the management of a particular species or species group that will comprise the majority of their work.  Examples of projects include conducting ranch-wide surveys documenting the location, status, and productivity of burrowing owl burrows, raptor nests, and greater prairie chicken leks, or assessing population size for Florida black bears, Texas horned lizards, black-tailed prairie dogs, and other species. 


Other Duties: In addition to their major project, interns will also assist ranch natural resource staff with responsibilities such as conducting game surveys, collecting and interpreting harvest data, participating in prescribed burns, and other habitat management/enhancement projects.


Timing and Schedule: Internships typically begin in January, May, and August with flexibility to accommodate individual needs.  Work schedules can be tailored to allow time for on-line courses. 



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includes housing with utilities, on-property transportation, a competitive hourly wage ($11.00/hr.), and reimbursement for travel costs to get to the internship.
How to Apply:

Most students will apply to interview as part of on-campus interviews on Friday, March 8. You may apply by sending your resume and cover letter in a SINGLE PDF labeled something like, 'DYAL_Jordan_Deseret19,' to our Wildlife Biologist, David Jordan Dyal, at

You may also contact Jordan with any questions you might have.