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Wildlife Biologist III

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Job Field:
Job Type:
Full Time
South Carolina
Location Detail:
Richland County
Job Description:

Maintains responsibility for the coordination and preparation of detailed review of all FERC hydroelectric power related documents including, but not limited to, draft license applications, comprehensive relicensing settlement agreements, implementation plans, adaptive management plans, and monitoring plans to provide agency comments to FERC, consultants and utility companies in a timely manner and meeting deadlines. Serves as the main point of contact for all FERC hydroelectric projects for the agency, coordinating with fisheries and wildlife biologists, the legal office, hydrologists and others to communicate a single agency position on hydroelectric project related issues such as in-stream flow management issues, facility maintenance, and variances from the approved licensing agreements.  Provides oversight and serves as the main contact for funds related to FERC hydroelectric projects such as the Santee Accord, Mitigation Trust Funds, Habitat Enhancement Funds and others.  Provides input and serves as a liaison for the review of FERC-related environmental permits, working with the Office of the Environmental Program staff.  Stays abreast of all federal, state and local environmental programs, regulations, policies and procedures, and maintains technical competency relevant to the agency's environmental review process.


A master's degree in biology, chemistry or wildlife management and two (2) years of experience in fish, wildlife or marine management or research programs; or a bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, wildlife management or related technical area and four (4) years of experience in fish, wildlife or marine management or research programs.

Ability to work with limited supervision and be self-motivated.  Ability to coordinate with agency staff independently, as well as work independently with regard to time management, establishing priorities and meeting deadlines.  Understanding of regulatory processes and environmental laws and regulations in South Carolina, especially those involving FERC.  Ability to work with a variety of partners.  Negotiation and problem solving skills and experience preferred.  Understanding of the FERC hydrolicensing process, in-stream flow management, hydrology and hydraulics modeling, wetlands and fluvial processes as well as biological and chemical needs of aquatic resources preferred.  A degree in fisheries biology or management preferred.  Knowledge of South Carolina fishery resources.  Master's degree preferred.

State Salary Range: $39,960.00 - $73,935.00 annually
Agency Hiring Range: Min: $42,172.00 Max:$56,947.00

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