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Wildlife Biologist II

Job Field:
Job Type:
Full Time
South Carolina
Location Detail:
Pickens County
Job Description:

Plans, collects and analyzes data using accepted methodology.  Writes job progress and job final reports for specifically assigned project jobs.  Drafts management plans for assigned waters.  Supervises subordinate employees in the following: stream surveys and classification; collection of various flora and fauna for identification and evaluation; capturing of fish specimens for various research purposes; conducting census of fish pressure and catch success rates on project streams and lakes; construction and maintenance of fish attractors and habitat improvement projects.  Acts towards the overall accomplishment of project goals and objectives related to fishery restoration, research conservation and preservation by way of their role in the overall project.  Conducts outreach activities to resource user groups, public and private organizations.  Assists supervisor in the implementation of complex fishery habitat enhancement plans in Lake Keowee and Eastatoe Creek.  Coordinates habitat plan implementation with Duke Energy, angling groups and other stakeholders.  Prepares general permits for internal DNR approval and Corps/DHEC approval as necessary.

Minimum and Additional Requirements

A master's degree in biology, chemistry or related technical area field; or a bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, wildlife management or related technical area and two (2) years of experience relevant to the job.

Preferred Qualifications

Advanced knowledge of aquatic biotic processes and life history of freshwater fishes.  Experience in the development and implementation of fisheries population survey/monitoring research projects, and fish population dynamics.  Knowledge of fisheries techniques and sustainable fisheries management principles in cold-water, cool-water, and warm-water stream and river systems, reservoirs and small impoundments.  Knowledge of habitat enhancement activities, environmental permitting and heavy equipment operation desirable.  Knowledge of software such as MS Word, Excel, and Statistical Analysis System (SAS) are desired to achieve aforementioned function.  Employee should have experience in public relations and presentation skills, experience in writing peer-reviewed and/or technical reports and possess good public speaking skills.  Supervisory experience sufficient to lead a team of subordinates in conducting fisheries projects.


$33,494.00 - $61,975.00 Annually