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Water and Soil Science

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All aspects of land and environmental management involve soils and water. Soils and the vegetation they support interact to control the land-atmosphere exchanges of water and carbon, the routing of nutrients and solutes through the environment, and the hydrologic and water quality characteristics of receiving streams. Our graduate students address basic and applied questions in soil and hydrologic sciences including carbon sequestration, landscape-controlled variation in soil characteristics and watershed behavior, the effects of management activities on water quality, the effectiveness of best management practices, soils as a medium for plant growth, and the use of soils to treat or sequester waste materials. The graduate curriculum is highly flexible, but most of our students take coursework in spatial and statistical analysis in addition to coursework in soils, hydrology, and ecology. Many of our graduates work in resource management, scientific, or regulatory agencies such as the USFS, ARS, USGS, and EPA. Some go on to academic careers. Others work in environmental consulting firms addressing a number of environmental issues, some in forest industry, and some work for environmental NGOs. Funding for our research comes from many sources including NSF, DOE, USDA, USACE, and the wood products industry.

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Water and Soil Science can be pursued under the MNR, MS, and PhD degree programs. To pursue Water and Soil Science as an official Area of Emphasis (MNR only), the following courses are required:

MNR Water and Soil Science requirements

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For general questions about pursuing a graduate degree at Warnell, contact a member of the graduate team (sidebar, right). Prospective students should also contact faculty members for questions specific to this disciplinary area. Please check faculty members’ personal pages (linked below) for information about their individual research interests and projects to ensure that you are contacting the most relevant ones.

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