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Warnell One Source

Warnell OneSource/OneUSG Connect At-A-Glance

To find your NEW Chartstring or Speedtype (chartstring "nickname") visit this spreadsheet. You can filter the spreadsheet by your name.

Travel Authorizations & Expense Reimbursements

How to complete a TA.pdf

How to complete an Expense Report.pdf

OneUSG Connect

This the the system that houses everything related to Human Resources: timecards, absence requests, direct deposit information, pay stubs, etc.


Timecards are due every Friday at 12PM. All hours worked/absence requests for the pay period must be logged by the employee on their timecard AND approved the supervisor. Below you will find the Cheat Sheet for approving timecards and absence requests.

OneUSG Cheat Sheet


If for some reason you will not have access to approve timecards/absence requests by the deadline (i.e. you are out of town with no internet access), you will delegate those duties to someone else. See Delegation Instructions below.

Delegation Cheat Sheet

Absence Requests

All absence requests will be submitted via OneUSG Connect and will need to be approved by your supervisor. They automatically populate your timecard, if you use a timecard. 

New Account Structure Information

The "Legacy" 12 digit account numbers were replaced by a 24 digit Chartstring, which consists of a Fund, Program, Class, and Department ID. Grants will also have a Project ID. The full chartstring that correlates with your legacy account(s) can be found on the spreadsheet linked above. 

A "Speedtype" refers to a chartstring "nickname" or shortcut. This is a 9 digit value is used to reference your chartstring.

Legacy Object Codes were replaced with Account Codes. These are 6 digit numeric codes to categorize the type of expense.

Budget Reference is new with OneSource. This is the Fiscal Year, and it is required for all OneSource transactions. 


Billing for Departmental Sales & Services

All invoices for non-UGA entities must be submitted to Ashley McCullough via the Invoice Request Form.

An official UGA invoice will be created in OneSource and sent to the address listed on the official invoice NOT the Warnell Fiscal Office. 

Checks for invoices billed to non-UGA entities are no longer accepted.

Project (Grant) Status Reports

When OneSource was first implemented in July 2018, there were limited resources available for getting a complete picture of the financial state of the many research projects in Warnell. Them temporary work around was to send out a monthly budget overview report to at least give the basics of your budget balances. Since July we have worked very hard to get some kind of comprehensive project status report that would meet your needs. The new PSR is available through eh data warehouse and is accessed by using your MyID and password. Access for faculty is automatic. We are working to provide access for research staff The report is available here:

Download: Powerpoint document

Warnell Project Status Report Training Session Video: