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Urban and Community Forestry Partnership Coordinator

Alabama Forestry Commission
Job Field:
Job Type:
Full Time


Location Detail:
Montgomery or other major urban area within Alabama as determined by AFC administration
Job Description:

The U&CF Partnership Coordinator is responsible for traveling the State of Alabama working with volunteers, AFC Employees, and other cooperating organizations to meet the U&CF requirements of the State of Alabama.  The requirements are described in the Cooperative Forestry Assistance Act of 1978 (P.L. 95-313) as amended and the goals are set forth in the urban forestry section of the State Action Plan, Forest at the Crossroads, found at the website below:

The successful candidate for this position may be expected to complete the specific duties listed below and other functions related to running a state urban forestry program.

  1. Promote Urban and Community Forestry, Green Infrastructure implementation, Wildland and Urban Interface (WUI) activities, and the Alabama Forestry Commission, through proactive and clear communications with diverse clients inside and outside the State of Alabama.  This includes performing public relations activities including writing articles for local print, TV and radio appearances, educational presentations, and development of professional training programs.
  2. Assist, recruit, and recognize communities regarding the Arbor Day Foundation’s recognition programs; Tree City USA, Tree Campus USA, Tree Line USA, and other programs as adopted by the State Forester.  Specific activities include:
    1. Encouraging the organization of tree boards for communities
    2. Assisting municipalities in drafting or revising tree ordinances
    3. Promoting tree management plans and budgets for safe, sustainable and resilient urban forests
    4. Participating in and planning Arbor Day celebrations and proclamations.
  3. Coordinate annual seedling distributions in all 67 counties, working with county personnel to accomplish timely events with quality seedlings.
  4. Assist with evaluation, mitigation and community recovery following major storms and other tree-damaging events.
  5. Provide technical assistance to municipalities regarding tree health and urban forest management plans.
  6. Seek grant opportunities and work with grantees in completing the requirements of their urban and community forestry grants.
  7. Develop working relationships with grassroots and non-profit conservation groups, AFC employees, developers, and other state and federal agency personnel; work with local contacts in underserved areas to generate on-the-ground environmental projects.
  8. Document volunteer hours served in completion of U&CF work within the State and develop/update volunteer database for the U&CF program.


A Bachelor’s degree in Forestry, Forest Management, or a closely related field from a four-year college or university is required.  Please refer to the website above for the State Personnel’s policy for accepting post-secondary and advanced degrees.



Possession of or ability to obtain a valid Alabama driver’s license is required.

Regular over-night travel within the State and limited travel within the U.S. is required.

Becoming an ISA Certified Arborist is a preferred requirement and expected of successful candidates in the first two years of employment.  Other Urban Forestry credentials such as TRAQ, Alabama Licensed Tree Surgeon, ISA Master Arborist, etc. are valued, but not required.



Applicants may apply for this position during their last semester of college; however, applicants will be required to submit documentation verifying completion of the bachelor’s degree to the hiring agency prior to beginning work.

How to Apply:

All applicants are also required to send a letter of application and a resume to Mr. Dale Dickens whose information is shown below.  Information on building a profile on the State Personnel Department’s Online Employment System, searching for job announcements, getting on the State Register and making an application may be found at and selecting “Applicant Portal” or by calling (334) 242-3389.


Candidates with a forestry degree from a SAF accredited institution should apply for the following:

Position Classification:  Forester          Class Code: 70429

Salary Range: $36,657.60 - $58,387.20


Contact for State Employment

 and Register Questions:


State of Alabama

Personnel Department

64 North Union Street

P. O. Box 304100

Montgomery, AL 36130-4100

Phone: (334) 242-3389

Fax: (334) 242-1110



Contact for specific questions on

 the U&CF Partnership Coordinator job:


Dale F. Dickens, RF

Urban Forestry Coordinator

Alabama Forestry Commission

P.O. Box 302550

Montgomery, AL 36130-2550

Cell Phone   (334) 467-7971

Office           (334) 240-9360

Fax Line      (334) 353-0124