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Kayla Buck Garrett

Kayla is a double Warnellian! She earned her undergraduate degree from Warnell and is now a first-year master’s student here. 

Undergraduate Degree: Wildlife Sciences

Master’s Degree: 
Masters of Science with a Thesis on The Distribution and Prevalence of Babesia species found in raccoons in the United States and Canada.

Hometown: Dacula, GA

University/Warnell highlights, achievements and awards: 
Involved in the Wildlife Society right now and a member of Xi Sigma Pi. In undergrad I was a Warnell Student Ambassador, the Secretary of The University of Georgia Wildlife Society, and a member of Xi Sigma Pi. 

I chose to attend Warnell because...
I don’t think I ever made a real conscious decision to join Warnell. I kind of just fell in there and loved it too much to want to leave. 

kayla with snake

My favorite place on campus is:  
The Founders Garden. This is where my husband first asked me to be his girlfriend in freshman year and then proposed to me there. You could say it holds a somewhat special place in my heart. <3 

The best class I’ve taken in Warnell is…
Wildlife diseases with Michael Yabsley, though I’m a bit biased because he is my thesis advisor and I love learning about diseases. 

If money was not a consideration, I would love to...
I would love to travel all over the place. I really want to explore the US more and see what all we have here, but then branch out and see more of the world. 

The one Warnell experience I will always remember will be...
The great times I had with our squad in undergrad, the Dream Team. We could get anything accomplished together and it is what I miss most in grad school now.