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Amazing Student: Cheyenne Whitetree

Our first ever Amazing Student in Warnell is Cheyenne Whitetree! As the communications chair on the Warnell student ambassador executive committee, secretary of The Wildlife Society, an Alumni Hall employee, and a Veterinary Teaching Hospital Employee, Cheyenne has demonstrated a commitment and passion for Warnell and UGA!

Expected graduation: Cheyenne with fawn
May 2016 

Degree objective: 
Wildlife, Pre-Vet

Kingsland, GA

High School: 
Camden County High School

Current Employment: 
Currently, I am a manager at Alumni Hall, which is a retail store. I also work at the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital in the mornings to help with anesthesia prep work!

University/Warnell highlights, achievements and awards: 
I’m on the Warnell Student Ambassador Executive Committee, Communications Chair. I am also the Secretary for The Wildlife Society. Last year at Wildlife Conclave, I won first place in painting! As for other clubs, I am in Pre-Vet Club and Herpetological Society. I also served as the secretary for the AAVMC Student Panel. This was a group of students from across the country that provided feedback and developed tools for the Association of American Veterinary Medical College, Veterinary Medical College Application Service advisors, and The Admissions and Recruitment Committee. This summer, I interned with Wildlife Treatment Crew at the vet hospital. UGA WTC is an internship open to undergraduates every summer to give them experience working with wildlife. We were responsible for the treatment and care of orphaned and injured wildlife brought to the hospital, as well as completing medical records for and discharging our patients.

I chose to attend Warnell because... 
Warnell chose me! A girl who is now a very good friend of mine told me to email Ami Flowers because I was on the verge of changing my major and I wanted to talk about it. When I got there, Ami told me she had switched my major and gave me directions on where to go from there. I left her office kind of shocked, thinking, “Well, I guess those questions I had don’t really matter now!” And I loved it ever since!

My favorite places on campus are: 
Warnell, because that is the ONLY place I ever go. And obviously, Sanford Stadium is one of the best places on campus. Go Dawgs! 

When I have free time, I like... 
to just hang out! I don’t have a lot of free time, so when I do I usually just hang out with my cat, Wolfie, or my friends or roommates.

The craziest thing I've done is... 
Once on a kayaking trip, we decided to stop and jump off of this 30ft cliff. When it was my turn to jump, I forgot that I was actually supposed to jump, so I kind of just walked off of the side. Everyone thought I was going to hit the rocks at the bottom!

Cheyenne My favorite place to study is... 
Warnell, specifically Archie’s Chapel. Or the Science Library.


My favorite professor is... 
I have been fortunate enough to have so many great professors that I can’t choose JUST one.

The best class I’ve taken in Warnell is…
Physiology and Nutrition with Dr. Warren!

If I knew I could not fail, I would... 
become an artist! I took a lot of painting and pottery classes in high school, and I absolutely loved them. I really enjoy doing anything that involves arts and crafts or being creative.

If money was not a consideration, I would love to... 
have a farm with a ton of land and a bunch of animals!

After graduation, I plan to... 
go to graduate school.

The one Warnell experience I will always remember will be... 
Dr. Castleberry asking Dalton Brown and me to drive the vans down to Sapelo Island for our Vertebrate Natural History field trip. We had gotten no sleep the night before because we wanted sleep on the ride down there. That entire weekend was one that I will never forget

Listen to Cheyenne discuss her summer internship serving on the UGA Vet School Wildlife Treatment Crew.