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Academic Counseling and Support

Assistant Dean of Student Services

Students having academic difficulty are invited to meet with Dr. Gary T. Green,, our assistant dean of student services.

Division of Academic Enhancement

UGA's Division of Academic Enhancement also offers free tutoring, counseling, and other academic support.  Please see their website for a complete list.

Student Care and Outreach

​Student Care and Outreach provides individualized assistance to students experiencing hardship circumstances, support to faculty and staff working with students in distress, and guidance to parents seeking help and information on behalf of their students.

Services Provided:

  • Assist students with University Hardship Withdrawals
  • Assist students experiencing difficult circumstances and assist faculty who are working with these students
  • Locate students for emergency reasons
  • Serve as initial contact for notification of student deaths; process related paperwork
  • Educate students on available campus resources and on UGA policies and procedures