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Apply to Graduate

Candidates for graduation must apply to graduate using the graduation application available in Athena by the withdrawal deadline of the semester in which they intend to graduate.

Please note that when applying for spring or summer semesters, applicants must apply for the term in which they will take their last course(s) toward their graduation requirements.  Candidates applying for Summer by the graduation application deadline for Spring/Summer are eligible to participate in the Spring undergraduate commencement ceremony in May and will appear in the Spring/Summer commencement program except students with FERPA restrictions.  A FERPA restriction must be removed in order to appear in the program.  Current and former students can request to add or remove a FERPA restriction to or from their record by completing the FERPA request form.

Detailed instructions on how to apply to graduate can be found here: Graduation Application Instructions

Exit Interviews

Each spring & fall semester, graduating Warnell seniors are invited to a discussion with the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs. Seniors are given the opportunity to discuss their School experiences with several faculty, staff, and other graduating students. Students will elect the Warnell Ceremony student speaker during the discussion. Exit interviews will take place during the last week of classes.

UGA Commencement

UGA holds a commencement ceremony to honor its most recent graduates. Commencement ceremonies are held every spring and fall semester. To learn more about the UGA Commencement ceremonies, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s site.

Warnell School Graduation Ceremony

To honor both our undergraduate and graduate students who are graduating each fall and spring semester, Warnell holds a separate graduation ceremony. Summer graduates are invited to be recognized at the spring ceremony. The program includes a student speaker chosen from among the Warnell graduates and a guest speaker from the Alumni Association. Be sure to let your family know that the date of the ceremony as soon as possible, so they can make arrangements to attend!

All dates can be found in the Warnell Calendar

Fall/December Graduation Ceremony
The Warnell ceremony begins 30 minutes following the undergraduate UGA graduation, at approximately 12 noon and will take place at the Classic Center Grand Hall, North Thomas St., Athens. 

Spring & Summer/May Graduation Ceremony
The May Ceremony will recognize both spring and summer graduates. It will begin at 3:00pm and will take place at the Classic Center Grand Hall, North Thomas St., Athens.