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Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management

The focus of the parks, recreation and tourism management (PRTM) major is to provide undergraduate and graduate students with an understanding and appreciation for the management of natural resources for outdoor recreation and nature-based tourism opportunities. An integral part of the PRTM major involves helping students to better understand the "human dimension" aspects of managing natural resources.

The PRTM major seeks to provide students with practical real-world skills and tools needed to identify, understand and manage complex human-environment issues. This includes an emphasis on understanding significant historical developments, developing services and programs, managing for recreational impacts, and recognizing the importance of sustainable development.


The curriculum offers opportunities for students to study abroad on one of our many study abroad programs including Antarctica, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Courses offered in the major include: Tourism & Sustainable Development, Outdoor Recreation & Environmental Awareness, Wilderness Management, Parks & Ecotourism Management, and Natural Resources Recreation.

Students are actively encouraged to participate in faculty research projects. 

Course Sequences

Related Minors and Certificate Programs

Students pursuing the PRTM major may be able to complete one or more of the following programs alongside the PRTM major, as circumstances allow. Warnell offers other certificate options as well.

  • Environmental Education certificate - students must complete FANR 4444S as one of their major electives. Additionally, one major elective (3 hours) must come from the following: AGED 2001, AGED 4350, AGED 4360, AGED 4370, ALDR 3820, EDUC 2130, or ESCI 4430. Students must also complete FANR 4960 (3 hours) as their certificate teaching capstone course.
  • Sustainability certificate - students must take LAND 2310 (3 hours) and FANR 3060+L (4 hours) as major electives.  Additionally, one major elective must be chosen from ECON 2100, ENVM 4650, or AAEC 4720 (3 hours).  Students must also take FCID 4200 (1 hour) for two semesters.