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Water Resources Certificate

Description of the Program

The Water Resources Certificate Program prepares students for related careers in environmental science and management. Protecting the long-term ecologic health of our rivers and streams is an important national goal. Yet our society has ever-increasing demands for inexpensive supplies of high-quality water. 

The program provides a common curriculum to meet the educational needs of the next generation of environmental scientists and managers. Many of the courses provide hands-on experiences in an outdoor setting to learn about water resources. 

The purpose of the program is to train students to manage our scarce water resources for the maximum benefit of the world's population, while at the same time preserving the ecologic integrity of our aquatic resources. 

Certificate Requirements 

There are TWO requirements for the Undergraduate Certificate in Water Resources.

  1. An enrolled undergraduate student must complete three credit hours in five of the following six categories:
    • Water Resource Foundations
    • Water Quality Foundations
    • Hydrologic Processes
    • Biological Interactions
    • Management, Economics, and Policy
    • Applications

    A list of classes making up these categories can be obtained by visiting

  2. The second requirement is the completion of six water resources seminars. Attendance at each seminar must be documented by providing a one-paragraph summary of the presentation to Jenny Yearwood via email at A list of current Water Resources Seminars can be found at our calendar, A maximum of three (of the six) seminars can be taken online. Online seminars change throughout the year as Ms. Yearwood posts them to the website.