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Leadership & Service Certificate

Description of the Program 

The Certificate in Leadership and Service is designed to enhance the leadership skills and orientation to service of students through an interdisciplinary approach to the study and practice of leadership. Students will gain experience in leadership in personal, team, organizational and community contexts. Courses to complete the certificate will provide students with the opportunity to work in groups, develop skills in communication and critical thinking, practice skills in decision making and problem solving, and serve in leadership roles in their college, campus organizations or community. 

Requirements for the certificate are 18 hours of course work. The curriculum includes four major components: 1) a required foundation course taught from an interdisciplinary perspective; 2) minimum of 12 hours of electives which support the conceptual foundations of leadership and service including psychology, sociology, management, advanced leadership, communication, and political science courses; 3) discipline–based courses which incorporate significant service or leadership components; and 4) three hours of directed project or internship in which students apply leadership and service skills under the direction of a faculty advisor. The certificate allows students maximum flexibility in designing a plan of work to target their particular interests and developmental needs. 

The program is a collaborative effort among multiple colleges and campus units including the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, the Warnell School of Forest Resources, the College of Education, Student Affairs, and other units who are working to incorporate leadership and service components in their courses. 

Entrance Requirements 

The Certificate in Leadership and Service is open to any University of Georgia student. To be eligible for admission to the program, a student must be rising second–year student in good academic standing. Applications may be obtained from the Program Coordinator. 


Agricultural Leadership, Education & Communication