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Undergraduate Writing Program

The Warnell School understands that the ability to communicate effectively is vital to the success of today’s graduates. The purpose of the Warnell Writing Program is to help the School’s professional students improve their written communication skills. With sharpened writing skills, students are better able to achieve greater success not only in their academic careers, but they are better prepared for professional employment and career advancement as well.

The School’s writing instructor typically works with two classes each semester, meeting individually with students on several different writing assignments in each class. Instruction is entirely one-on-one, which allows the instructor to tailor the program to each student’s needs. Students turn in preliminary drafts of their papers to the writing instructor a day ahead of their scheduled tutorial conference; the instructor reads and edits the drafts, offering suggestions for improved grammar, punctuation, structure, and style. The student then has the opportunity to make revisions before turning in a final draft to the professor.

The Warnell School is committed to helping today’s students become tomorrow’s leaders in the field of natural resources. And at a time when many scholars decry the general lack of literacy in modern society, the Warnell Writing Program is quiet affirmation that communicating effectively speaks volumes, not only about individuals, but also the institutions they attend.

Writing Tutorials

 pdf iconA Writing Resource Guide for Warnell Students

 pdf iconAffect vs. Effect (animated)

 pdf iconAffect vs. Effect

 pdf iconi.e. vs. e.g.

 pdf iconScientific Literature

 pdf iconSo vs. So That

 pdf iconThat vs. Which

 pdf iconMyself

 pdf iconWho vs. Whom

 pdf iconParagraphs

 pdf iconAcademic Honesty