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Senior Project | Senior Thesis

To graduate from the Professional Program of the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, all Warnell students are required to complete FANR 4500S, Senior Project, or FANR 4990R, Senior Thesis. Most students will take Senior Project, but a limited number may be permitted to enroll in Senior Thesis. For detailed information, see the following PDFs:

Students intending to take senior thesis may complete research prior to completing thesis, or the research can be completed in the same term.  Students can apply for undergraduate research credit using the Application for Research Credit. Students must take at least one hour of senior thesis.  The remaining three hours, to reach the required four hours, may be completed using approved research credit or additional hours in senior thesis.

What is the difference between Senior Project and Senior Thesis?

  • Senior Thesis requires completion of a research project; Senior Project usually requires completion of a management project.
  • Senior Thesis is normally conducted individually; Senior Project is normally conducted in teams of two or three students.
  • Enrollment in Senior Thesis is by permission only; enrollment in Senior Project is open to all BSFR candidates.
  • Enrollment in Senior Thesis is intended for students with a strong commitment to pursue a research career.

Experiential Learning Requirement

Both Senior Project and Senior Thesis satisfy the Experiential Learning Requirement.