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WILD 4500/6500

Discussions, readings, and problem solving to examine factors affecting changes in biodiversity and recovery of listed species. Population ecology is a significant component of this course. Emphasis on policies and management designed to protect endangered species and habitats. Management of nongame species and backyard habitats is included.

Credit hours:
Prerequisites or Corequisites:

Not open to students with credit in FORS 4340/6340

Undergraduate Prerequisite: WILD(FISH) 3000 and WILD 4700/6700 and (FANR 3200 or ECOL(BIOL) 3500-3500L)

Graduate Prerequisite: (WILD 4700/6700 or WILD 5700/7700-5700L/7700L) and (FANR 3200 or ECOL(BIOL) 3500-3500L)


Course name:
Nongame and Endangered Species Management