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WASR(FORS) 4110/6110-4110L/6110L

Multidisciplinary examination of the terrestrial components of the hydrologic cycle focusing on the qualitative analysis of precipitation, snowmelt, runoff generation, routing, infiltration, and subsurface flow and transport. Emphasis is on the definition of hydrologic processes, identification of hydrologic resources, development of environmental monitoring techniques, and application to hydrologic resources management.

Credit hours:
Prerequisites or Corequisites:

Prerequisite: ENGR 3410 or CRSS(FORS) 3060-3060L or CRSS(FANR) 3060-3060L or GEOL 4220/6220 or GEOG 4030/6030 or ECOL 3520 or CRSS 3050-3050L or CRSS 4600/6600-4600L/6600L

Course name:
Forest Hydrology