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FORS 4650/6650

The forestry field camp is an off-campus field practicum for students majoring in forestry. Field skills will be demonstrated, practiced, and honed in the forest environment in the areas of applied silviculture, harvesting, and forest inventory. In addition, a series of visits to forest products manufacturing and utilization facilities will provide first-hand knowledge of pulp, paper, solid wood, and engineered forest products and the resources required for their manufacture.

Credit hours:
Prerequisites or Corequisites:

Prerequisite: (FORS 3000-3000L or FANR 3000-3000L) and FORS 3010-3010L and (FORS 3020-3020L or FANR 3200-3200L)

Other information:

Offered summer semester every year.

Course name:
Forestry Field Camp