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Warnell Pre-Vet Club

The Warnell Pre-Vet Club is aimed at providing opportunities and resources for pre-veterinary students who would like to specialize in wildlife/exotics/zoological medicine.  While the club originally formed as an outlet for Wildlife Pre-Veterinary majors, we are inclusive of all majors interested.  We have speakers, volunteer opportunities, and help put on a few events every semester.   

Officers: 2020-2021

President Corinna Hazelrig
Vice President Sofia Metzler
Treasurer Amber Willis  
Secretary Lauren Ward  
Event Planner Jasmine Lawrence  
Community Service Chair Ashlyn Halseth
Promotion Items Linh Voong  
Social Chair    
Advisor Dr. Sonia Hernandez



Merchandise is available for purchase on your next visit to campus or may be sold at select Warnell events. Please coordinate with Jenny Yearwood if you are interested in purchasing merchandise.