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HERP: UGA Herpetological Society

The University of Georgia Herpetological Society was founded in 2005. Currently serving over 100 members, ughslogothe Society invites speakers from around the US for a meeting on the last Tuesday of each month. In addition, the Society provides live animal outreach programs to groups in the community, sponsors field trips to nearby locations and regional Herp Society meetings, and provides an outlet for herpetological husbandry, research and conservation among UGA students and staff. Membership in the Society is open to anyone, and we welcome participation in any of the Society's on or off-campus events. To join the UGA Herp Society, please email Club Advisor Dr. John Maerz at

Web site:


Officers: 2020-2021

Undergraduate Chair Kevin Hutcheson
Undergraduate Co-chair Max Seldes
Graduate Chair Cyndi Carter
Graduate Co-chair Ben Thesing
Outreach Coordinator Alex Hall
Advisor Dr. John Maerz



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