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The Student Ambassador Program provides opportunities for you to grow and develop beyond your educational experiences. As a Student Ambassador, you’ll represent the School at on- and off-campus functions such as Homecoming, Georgia Forestry Association’s Legislative Day, and recruiting trips throughout the state. Ambassadors receive leadership and professional development training, and also mix and mingle with alumni and leaders in the forestry and natural resources professions.

Student Ambassadors visit a waterfall


  • Build close connections with Warnell faculty, staff, alumni, and fellow students
  • Interact with leaders from the private and public sectors
  • Receive leadership training and certification
  • Special recognition at alumni and school events
  • Warnell swag! Every ambassador receives Warnell-branded clothing and other professional items.


Selection Criteria:

  • Enthusiasm for the Warnell School and natural resources professions
  • Awareness of the importance of internal and external relationships to the school
  • Commitment to meet monthly as a group
  • Willingness to attend functions outside of school hours


The mission statement signed by the 2020-2021 Student Ambassadors.
The mission statement created and signed by the 2020-2021 class of Warnell Student Ambassadors.

Meet our Ambassadors!

Our Ambassadors for the 2020-2021 academic year represent a variety of experiences and degree programs. You can learn more about what brought them to Warnell, or experiences they've had through their program, by visiting our Student Ambassador blog.


2020-2021 Ambassadors:

Megan Aslinger mugMegan Aslinger

Natural Resource Management and Sustainability with an emphasis in water and soil quality (spring 2022)

Hometown: Snellville, Georgia

I am very passionate about water conservation, water quality, and most of all I believe access to clean water is a human right and want to do my part to help achieve that. 

Isaac Beacorn

Isaac mug

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management (fall 2021)

Hometown: Watkinsville, Georgia

I enjoy the outdoors and working with other people, and hope to find a career that combines both of these. 

Emma Kate mugEmma Kate Beckwith 
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management / Women’s Studies (May 2022)

Hometown: Atlanta 

I enjoy facilitating discussions about the intersections between people and the environment.

Jack Buban mugJack Buban
Wildlife Sciences (spring 2021)
Hometown: Palatine, Illinois

I chose this program because of the opportunities it provides to extend my career outside of an office and to do worthwhile work. 

Ben Carr mugBen Carr
Fisheries and Wildlife (spring 2021)

Hometown: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Growing up outdoors, I've always had a passion for wildlife. After working at a zoo for years, I knew that I wanted to dedicate my career to studying and working with animals 

Delaney mugDelaney Caslow

Fisheries and Wildlife, wildlife emphasis (spring 2022)

Hometown: Canton, Georgia

I chose this program because of my love for nature and my desire to learn how to effectively conserve the species that we share the earth with.

Madison mugMadison Christol
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management (fall 2021)

Hometown: Menlo, Georgia

I chose this program because I knew I wanted to work with people in an outdoor/natural resource focused setting. This program allows students to study both the scientific and social side of natural resource topics. It has allowed me to broaden how I think about outdoor spaces and be able to better understand how people perceive/use them. I am excited to be able to use the skills I have learned to educate the general public and future generations on natural resource management!

Kayla mugTameka Kayla Claiborne 

Fisheries and Wildlife (fall 2021)

Hometown: Warner Robins, Georgia

I love the opportunities that it provides, and I love the type of people I’ve seen it create. This program helps me toward the person I want to be and the things I want to do in my life. 

Brianna mugBrianna Cuellar

Fisheries and Wildlife, wildlife emphasis (fall 2021)

Hometown: Valdosta, Georgia

I chose this program because I always loved working with animals and I knew a desk job wasn't for me! I'm happiest when I'm spending time in nature.

Aliana mugAlaina Davis 
Fisheries and Wildlife (spring 2022)

Hometown: Alpharetta, Georgia 

I chose the fisheries and wildlife major because it provided me more hands-on experience and in-depth learning about my future field of marine biology than any other degree. 

Jack mugJack Derochers

Forestry (fall 2021)

Hometown: Dallas, Georgia

I chose Forestry because I love being outside. I want a career that has me outside, active, and away from a desk as much as possible. 

Katie mugKatie Dorris
Fisheries and Wildlife (spring 2021)

Hometown: Cairo, Georgia

I chose the Fisheries and Wildlife program within Warnell because my goal in life is to help save and promote our biodiversity, and this was the best program I found that would allow me to take classes that I am highly interested in while also gaining practical knowledge and hands on experience that will prepare me for my career.

Calvin mugCalvin Ellis

Wildlife Science (fall 2020)

Hometown: Hoschton, Georgia

I have always had a passion for the outdoors and wildlife. Growing up I spent all my time outside and in nature through hunting and fishing, leading to my interest in wildlife management. Those desires are what led me to Warnell and into the Wildlife Science program. 

Brandon mugBrandon Filaski
Fisheries and Wildlife, aquatic sciences emphasis (spring 2021)

Hometown: Cleveland, Georgia

As a fisherman from a young age, I have always aspired to encourage sustainable fisheries and manage natural resources. Warnell has made it possible for me to study how I can do my part in natural resource management and conservation to improve our fisheries for generations to come. 

Erin mugErin Gilroy
Wildlife sciences (spring 2022)

Hometown: Dallas, Georgia

Not only did I want an area of study where the great outdoors was essentially my classroom, but I also want a career working with wildlife.

Keri mugKeri Greeson

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management (fall 2020)

Hometown: Winder, Georgia

I chose this program because I am inspired by our nation's public lands, and I am interested in pursuing how we can better manage and create greater equity in the space of the outdoors and the environmental community. I truly believe nature is a necessity to all human beings, and this program allowed me to explore and learn my fit the industry and best optimize the impact I can make both personally and professionally. 

Ashlyn mugAshlyn Halseth 

Fisheries and Wildlife, wildlife emphasis (fall 2020) 

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia 

My love for animals has been apparent from a young age. I used to play hours of vet hospital with my Webkinz, and write short stories about animals finding homes. Once I got older and carrying around Webkinz and a plastic stethoscope was frowned upon, I carried my love into real animals. At Warnell, I am able to work with wildlife in the classroom, laboratory, and field while continuing to write scientific literature. 

Miranda mugMiranda Hopper

Wildlife Sciences (spring 2021)

Hometown: Covington, Georgia

In the future, I want to work in game management and hunter education. I chose the wildlife sciences program, because it will provide me with the knowledge and skills I need to balance the needs of wildlife species and the people who enjoy the outdoors.

Jamon mugJamon Jordan

Fisheries and Wildlife, aquatic sciences emphasis / Natural Resources Management and Sustainability, GIS emphasis (spring 2021)

Hometown: Lawrenceville, Georgia

When I came to campus my freshman year, I really felt like this was the one true major choice for me. I have been fishing since I was two years old so seeing a major full of people that share that passion for nature and fish made it a no brainier. I decided to add a second major in GIS after visiting Duke Marine Lab and seeing all of the cutting-edge applications to natural resources research and management.

Rachel mugRachael Keaton

Wildlife Sciences (spring 2021)

Hometown: Newnan, Georgia

I chose this program because I have a passion to protect and conserve wildlife and the environment. I knew this school and major would help me develop those passions and be able to teach others about their importance. I also wanted the hands-on experience that Warnell's classes offered.

Cristina mugCristina (Marci) Marciales

Wildlife Sciences (fall 2021)

Hometown: Boca Raton, Florida

I chose to be an ambassador because I wanted to get more involved in the Warnell community. I also really wanted to get more experience with outreach and talking to the community about what I’m passionate about, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity! Also, I’m a puppy raiser for the Guide Dog Foundation! If you see Ginny and I on campus, come say hi (from 6 feet away of course).

Ben mugBen Mathis

Fisheries and Wildlife (spring 2022)

Hometown: Lexington, Georgia

I chose this program because it allows me to study what I am passionate about. I never feel like I am having to work too much when I study or go to class because I am so interested in what we are learning about and doing.

Travan mugTravan Neal
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management (fall 2021)

Hometown: Menlo, Georgia

This program provides me the opportunity to enjoy and protect our environment/natural resources while also getting to educate others on how they can do the same. 

Ben mugBenjamin Protzman

Forestry/Wildlife Science (fall 2020)

Hometown: Douglasville, Georgia.

I chose my programs because of my passion for the outdoors and my desire to promote our natural resources.

Kentrell mugKentrell Richardson

Wildlife Science (fall 2020)

Hometown: Hampton, Georgia

I have always had a passion for animals and wanted to be able to give back by doing work to ensure their beauty lives on as long as possible.

Cassidy mugCassidy Scott

Wildlife Biology; Spring May 2022

Hometown: Dacula, Georgia

I've always loved being outside and working with animals, and I'm very concerned with how climate change and development continues to affect wildlife populations. I'm hoping to take what I learn at Warnell and channel it into a career in species conservation. The chance to have hands on, outside classes is a huge plus for me!

Lauren mugLauren Anne Van Rysselberge

Aquatic Sciences (fall 2020)

Hometown: Roswell, Georgia

Water connects all living things together and being able to study it and the thousands of organisms that live in it makes me feel more connected to the world around me!

Cling mugClint Weiss

Wildlife Sciences (spring 2021)

Hometown: Cuthbert, Georgia

My past involvement with FFA and some 4-H, current involvement with various outdoor recreation activities, and general interest in wilderness and cultivating a relationship with it. 

Chloe mugChloe-Marie Westhafer

Wildlife Sciences (fall 2020)

Hometown: Braselton, Georgia

I met a Warnell Ambassador at my freshmen orientation who told me about her experience at the school and about her program. I realized that this hands-on experience was just what I wanted and that the program would best fit my future goals.

Sarah mugSarah Wiggins

Wildlife Sciences (spring 2021)

Hometown: Calhoun, Georgia

My dad helped instill a love of nature and animals for all of my life. I chose this program to learn more about these things I already loved and pursue a career involving my passions. 

Julia mugJulia Yearout

Fisheries and Wildlife, wildlife emphasis (spring 2021)

Hometown: Chickamauga, Georgia

I chose to be a wildlife major because I have always had a heart for the outdoors and the wildlife that live there. More specifically, I grew up as a caver with my Dad and unfortunately watched as White Nose Syndrome hurt the bat populations around my area in caves. Seeing this destruction sparked a passion of mine to do my part in helping conserve not only bats, but other small mammals as well, in whatever way that I can. I also have a huge passion for environmental education, so that I can educate the public protecting our environment better through the research that I will do. 

Hannah mugHannah Young

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management (fall 2020)

Hometown: Loganville, Georgia

I have a passion for helping others discover our world’s natural beauty. I wanted to choose a career path that would allow me to do that every day!