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The Student Ambassador Program provides opportunities for you to grow and develop beyond your educational experiences. As a Student Ambassador, you’ll represent the School at on- and off-campus functions such as Homecoming, Georgia Forestry Association’s Legislative Day, and recruiting trips throughout the state. Ambassadors also receive Project WET, WILD and PLT Certifications, and much more! You’ll also mix and mingle with alumni and leaders in the forest resources professions.

Student Ambassadors visit a waterfall


  • Build close connections with Warnell faculty, staff, alumni, and fellow students
  • Interact with leaders from the private and public sectors
  • Receive leadership training and certification
  • Special recognition at alumni and school events
  • Warnell swag! Every ambassador receives Warnell-branded clothing and other professional items.


Selection Criteria:

  • Enthusiasm for the Warnell School and natural resources professions
  • Awareness of the importance of internal and external relationships to the school
  • Commitment to meet monthly as a group
  • Willingness to attend functions outside of school hours


The mission statement signed by the 2019-2020 Student Ambassadors.
The mission statement created and signed by the 2019-2020 class of Warnell Student Ambassadors.

Meet our Ambassadors!

Our Ambassadors for the 2019-2020 academic year represent a variety of experiences and degree programs. You can learn more about what brought them to Warnell, or experiences they've had through their program, by visiting our Student Ambassador blog.


2019-2020 Ambassadors:

Scarlet Barber mugScarlet Barber

Hometown: Gray, Georgia

Forestry (May 2020)

I have a family background in forestry and I like working in the woods. My favorite times at Warnell include competing in Forestry Conclave and meeting students from across the Southeast.

Emma Kate Beckwith

Emma Beckwith mugHometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management and Women's Studies (2022)

I want to be a park ranger and I felt as though PRTM would be the best fit for me. So far at Warnell my favorite class was Professional Communications Development. Dr. Cleveland and Dr. Green were extremely helpful in pushing me out of my comfort zone to prepare me for the professional world and providing great advice and resources for life after college.

Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown mugHometown: Gay, Georgia

Fisheries and Wildlife (2020) / M.F.R. 2021

I enjoy hunting, fishing and the natural world, and Warnell is a great school to earn these degrees from. One of my favorite Warnell memories is helping to prepare the Wild Game Supper.

Jack Buban

Buban mugHometown: Palatine, Illinois

Fisheries and Wildlife (2020)

This is an incredible opportunity for me to take my love of conservation and the outdoors and turn it into a career. My favorite Warnell memory so far is the Sapelo Island trip for Dr. Castleberry’s Vert class.

Katy Callaghan

Callaghan mugHometown: Atlanta

Fisheries and Wildlife (2020)

I wanted to study wildlife and explore career paths where I could serve my community and educate people about positive human/wildlife interaction. My career path of interest is wildlife damage management and feral swine control methods.

Tameka Kayla Claiborne

Claiborne mugHometown: Warner Robins, Georgia

Fisheries and Wildlife (2022)

I wanted a place where I could thrive both personally and professionally. Warnell allows me to pursue my passions while satiating my interest in giving back. This program makes me feel welcome and supported unlike any other I've experienced.

Maddie Curlew

Curlew mugHometown: Monroe, Georgia

Natural Resource Management and Sustainability/Sustainability Certificate

I love the environment and want to teach other about and how to take care of it. I love going to school and being surrounded by people who love the natural world just as much as I do!

Calvin Ellis

Ellis mugHometown: Hoschton, Georgia

Fisheries and Wildlife (2020)

I’ve grown up loving the outdoors through hunting and fishing. I have always cared about conserving the environment so the future generations will be able to enjoy it.

Keri Greeson

Greeson mugHometown: Winder, Georgia

Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management / Certificate in Environmental Education

After I tried a few different pathways in life, I knew ultimately that I wanted to be outdoors as much as possible. I never knew that so many opportunities, educational or job-related, were available in the field of recreation and tourism. It seems like a fun way to get a degree, but I'm learning what a complex field it truly is. It's vital to the human spirit to play and have a relationship with the natural world, and I hope that I can share that message far and wide as I go through life.

Ashlyn Halseth

Halseth mugHometown: Marietta, Georgia

Fisheries and Wildlife (2020)

I've always passionate about working with animals and enjoyed spending time outside while playing soccer. But, it wasn't until reading about Warnell online that I fell absolutely in love with the program that furthers my passions.

Hudson Jordan

Jordan mugHometown: St Marys, Georgia

Forestry (2019)

I love the outdoors. Forestry offers a perfect balance between being outdoors and being involved in business.

Rachael Keaton

Keaton mugFisheries and Wildlife (2021)

I have always loved animals and being outdoors and became really passionate about endangered species in high school. I knew that this degree would allow me to study something I was so passionate about.

Sarah Klinect

Klinect mugHometown: Dacula, Georgia

Forestry (May 2020)

I felt that the program would best prepare me for my desired career path. My favorite Warnell experience so far is eating termites at Whitehall during an Ecology of Natural Resources lab.

Jamie Madsen

Madsen mugHometown: Woodstock, Georgia

Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management / Certificate in Environmental Education (2020)

I have always had a passion for the outdoors and nature. I also believe that the best way to give back what I have been given is through education. It's like this degree was tailor made for me!

Peyton Niebanck

Niebanck mugHometown: Alpharetta, Georgia

Fisheries and Wildlife (2020)

Growing up, I always knew that animals captured my attention and curiosity. Going into college I decided I wanted to learn more about them, so I could better understand why animals, specifically exotics, are so important in our everyday lives. Going through my classes, I have come to the conclusion that wildlife is so much more than it entails: human dimensions, biological connections, sustainability, conservation, and intrinsic value. Having the opportunity to "walk on the wild side" and discovering Warnell reinforced my passion for wildlife and has been one of my greatest choices I've ever made for myself.

Erika Noriega

Noriega mugHometown: Valdosta, Georgia

Fisheries & Wildlife (2019)

I've been passionate about wildlife and wildlife conservation ever since I was little. I hope to one day do research in amphibian conservation

Cameron Pittman

Pittman mugHometown: My family is in Kennesaw, Georgia, but Dublin, California, will always be home for me.

Fisheries and Wildlife (2020)

This program was the best fit for my interests. I have always been a nerd for learning about natural history and natural world around us. My favorite Warnell memory is sitting in the back of a truck in the dead of night assisting with a deer exclusion service alongside workers with the U.S.F.S.

Ben Protzman

Protzman mugHometown: Douglasville, Georgia

Forestry / Fisheries & Wildlife (2020)

I wanted to do something nontraditional. I'd essentially grown up outside, and I wanted to have a career that made me happy. Nothing excites me more than the idea of being able to work outside for the benefit of our natural resources. I enjoy studying all sorts of wildlife, but deer are probably my favorite. Who doesn't love an animal with antlers?

Daniel Queen

Queen mugHometown: Walnut Grove, Georgia

Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management / Certificate in Environmental Education (2019)

I have always loved the outdoors and Warnell is the perfect place to gain the knowledge/skills necessary to work in any natural resource career!

Kentrell Richardson

Richardson mugHometown: Hampton, Georgia

Fisheries and Wildlife (2020)

I’m at Warnell because I just felt an intense love for the natural world and this pushed me to the point where I wanted to spend my life studying animals to try and make a difference in the world. So far, my favorite Warnell memory is going to Wildlife Conclave with Dr. Castleberry and getting to know everyone in the Wildlife Society. I grew a lot and learned so much listening to people who had such a passion for wildlife that I could only feel the same energy refueling me.

Cody Scarborough

Scarborough mugHometown: Lake Park, Georgia

Fisheries and Wildlife (2020)

I chose this program to pursue a lifelong passion in observing and studying the outdoors and various wildlife species while also having the opportunity to share my passion with others. I am an avid outdoorsman, so when I'm not roaming the halls of Warnell, you'll typically find me outside.

Robert Seibold

Seibold mugHometown: Dunwoody, Georgia

Forestry / Water Resources Certificate (2020)

I want to make a career out of my passion for nature.

Lauren Van Rysselberge

Van Reysselberg mugHometown: Roswell, Georgia

Fisheries and Wildlife (2020)

I chose this program because of my passion for the outdoors and to be able to make a difference!

Chloe Westhafer

Westhafer mugHometown: Braselton, Georgia

Fisheries & Wildlife (2021)

I originally wanted to pursue zoology and wildlife sciences was the closest program to that. I was introduced to the program by an Ambassador who shared with me her experience in the program and made me realize how much I would enjoy it.

Julia Yearout

Julia Yearout mugHometown: Chickamauga, Georgia

Fisheries and Wildlife (2021)

I have been exposed to the outdoors since I was a little kid through family hobbies such as caving, rappelling, and hiking. Through my experiences, I became aware of the wildlife that was around me and grew to love and respect it. Unfortunately, I also watched some of these animals be affected by habitat loss, diseases, and human interaction. I chose this program because I want to be part of studying/helping conserve wildlife populations while also educating the public about their importance. I would love nothing more than to be that person to educate the public through research.

Hannah Louise Young

Young mugHometown: Loganville, Georgia

Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management (2020)

I chose PRTM because of my love for the outdoors. Throughout my life I have been shaped by many outdoorsmen into the person I am today. I hope to give that same guidance to others throughout my career.