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Undergraduate Laboratory Assistant

University of Georgia
Job Field:
Job Type:
Full Time
Part Time
Location Detail:
Athens, GA
Job Description:

Student laboratory assistant positions are available for Summer 2017 in the Nairn Lab, a conservation genetics and molecular ecology research laboratory in the Warnell School. The positions support a large-scale loggerhead sea turtle genetics research project that monitors over 1,200 km of coast and genotypes ~ 10,000 nest samples annually. Responsibilities include database entry and management, sample processing, genomic DNA isolation, and laboratory maintenance.

The positions offer 20 hours per week beginning the week of May 8, 2017. Additional hours will be available up to full-time (40 hr/wk) mid-June through July. Applicants must be available to work as scheduled throughout the summer. Successful laboratory assistants will have an opportunity to continue on a part time basis during Fall Semester 2017. These are paid positions. Attendance and punctuality are essential once a schedule is established.

How to Apply:

Applicants must be, or have been, enrolled as full time students during the Spring or Summer semester 2017. If interested, contact Erin Coughlin, Laboratory Manager, at and include “Laboratory Assistant” in the subject heading.