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Conjoined deer fawns offer Warnell researcher glimpse into rare wildlife deformity

A Minnesota mushroom hunter on the prowl for some fungi stumbled across an unbelievable find: two deer fawns sharing one body. The conjoined twin fawns, which were stillborn, are believed to be the first ones found to have reached full-term and then be delivered by their mother. The only other examples of conjoined twin fawns have been found still in utero, said Gino D’Angelo, the University of Georgia researcher who studied the deer.

Seminar: Ecological dynamics and livelihood adaptation in rapidly transforming social-ecological systems.

Associate Professor, Ecosystem Ecology & Management

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Biological Sciences 710


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Community and ecosystem ecology, restoration ecology, dryland vegetation dynamics, social-ecological systems, pastoralism in Africa, Georgia coastal salt marshes, resilience, sustainability science