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Supervisory Forester - Timber Management Assistant

USDA – Forest Service - Chattahoochee ‐ Oconee National Forests
Job Field:
Job Type:
Full Time
Location Detail:
Eatonton, Georgia
Job Description:

ABOUT THE POSITION: The district Timber Management Assistant (TMA) is a supervisory/primary staff position which reports directly to the District Ranger. This position serves as a full member of the district’s management team and coordinates among other district program managers in setting unit goals and objectives and developing overall unit plans.
This position is responsible for the planning, preparation and administration of a timber program which produces approximately 15,000 ccf of timber volume per year. These products are sold through a mixture of Stewardship Integrated Resource Timber Contracts (IRTC) and traditional timber sales contracts. Currently, approximately 65% of the annual timber volume is sold through IRTC contracts. These contracts include approximately 80 additional stand-alone service work contracts. In addition, the district is currently working with state partners to utilize new tools, such as developing the first Good Neighbor Authority project on the Forest.
This position directly supervises two employees, which include a Timber Sale Administrator and a Presale Forester. In addition, this position works very closely with the District Silviculturist in planning the short-term and long-term timber program of work. The position is responsible for performing the administrative functions relative to the staff supervised. This includes establishing performance expectations for employees, managing workloads, coordinating resources among other program managers, developing training plans and completing performance reviews. In addition to supervision duties, other primary duties include: 1). coordinating among other district and forest-level program managers to develop the annual program of work and budget needs for the district’s timber program; 2). tracking annual accomplishments to ensure required work has been completed, and completing the required end of year reporting procedures; 3). participating in preparation and review of environmental analysis reports and environmental impact statements; 4). preparing detailed cruise plans and
serving as a district check cruiser; 5). working cooperatively with other Federal, State and Non- governmental agencies to develop projects which meet mutual goals and objectives; 6). developing and serving as Forest Service Representative (FSR) and Contract Officer Representative (C.O.R.) on timber sale contracts, and other related contracts such such as timber marking contracts or archeological surveys; and 7). developing professional working relationships with Timber purchasers. This position will include field work duties, such as laying out timber sale units, conducting field reviews and inspecting contracts. Additional duties may include assisting other program areas as needed to meet unit goals, such as assisting with controlled burning or wildlife habitat improvement projects. A true team-player with a strong technical background in timber management is most desired. This unit provides the incumbent with ample opportunities to build and grow the timber management program.


DUTY STATION & COMMUNITY: The Oconee Ranger District encompasses approximately 116,000 acres in 8 counties. The District is characterized by pine and mixed pine-hardwood forest in the hills of the Georgia Piedmont. The diverse habitat is home to more than 350 animal and fish species and 150 plant species, including the federally listed red-cockaded woodpecker and relict trillium. The district contains 7 recreation areas, 2 major lakes, 3 major rivers, 2 wildlife management areas, 2 experimental forests and a research natural area. The Oconee also contains an abundance of archeological sites dating back 12,000 years.
The district office is outside of Eatonton, which is the county seat of Putnam County, Georgia. This area is in the heart of central Georgia, approximately 73 miles southeast of Atlanta, 96 miles west of Augusta, 45 miles south of Athens, and 47 miles northeast of Macon. The area is conviently located within a 2 hour drive from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the north, or a 4 hour drive south to the coast. Public schools in the county are new or recently updated. Over 9 colleges and universities are located within an hour's drive. Putnam County has been listed as one of the most desirable places to retire due to climate, taxes, lifestyle, and proximity to larger metropolitan areas. Several additional full service communities are within reasonable commuting distance and offer an array of services and housing. Medical services are abundant. Much of the area is pastoral, but the 2 large recreation lakes have attracted many up-scale developments and golf courses. Hunting, fishing, and equestrian activities are all popular. Nearby Jasper county, Georgia is known as the white-tail deer capital of the state. Several trophy white-tail deer have been harvested within or adjacent to the Natioanl Forest. Putnam County has a favorable cost of living with excellent housing available in all price ranges. The climate is typical of the Piedmont region, hot summers and mild winters, making outdoor activities feasible year round.

Additional information on the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests can be obtained by visiting the Forest website at:
Information about the Eatonton area can be found by visiting the following website:
Transfer of Station Reimbursement, if applicable, will be authorized for this position.

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Return this form to:
Oconee Ranger District
1199 Madison Road
Eatonton, GA. 31024
Attention: Thomas Dozier, District Ranger Email To: