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Summer Staff

South Carolina Waterfowl Association
Job Field:
Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism
Water and Soil Resources
Job Type:
Seasonal, Temporary, Internship
South Carolina
Location Detail:
Job Description:
  • Camp Woodie is a youth education program operated under the South Carolina Waterfowl Association. It is 10 week long summer camp dedicated to sharing our hunting and fishing heritage to the next generation of outdoorsmen and women. A passion for the outdoors is a must, but a strong background in hunting is not required. We are currently hiring male and female counselors for the 2017 summer. This position pays $250 a week and require no previous camp experience. Housing and meals are provided during a camp session but not on the weekends. You are welcome to stay onsite during the weekend, free of charge. You will receive an extra $25/week if you have a valid lifeguard certification. We are also hiring an Aquatics Director to manage our pool this summer. This position requires at least 1 year working at a pool, helping maintain chemical levels and cleanliness. You must have a valid lifeguard certification and written verification of your pool management skills. This position pays $300 per week. Staff members will report to camp on May 29th for one week of staff training Monday-Friday. Our first day of camp is Sunday June 4th. From then you will be required to work and live onsite Sunday 2pm-Thursday 8 pm. Last day of camp is August 19th. This position qualifies as an internship for many students in the Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Field, Environmental Science, Education, etc. You are constantly sharing your knowledge about our natural resources with children ages 8-16. We have a wide variety of flora and fauna on our 530 Acre facility conveniently located on Lake Marion in Rimini, SC. While at camp, children rotate through a variety of activities: archery, shotgun sports, riflery, camouflaging boats and trucks, set up of deer feeders and trail cameras, retriever training, duck calling, etc. If you would like more information visit our website or facebook page under "Camp Woodie". Call or email us if you have any questions or would like to talk about the positions. Send Cover Letter, Resume, and 3 References to
  • Must be at least 18 and completed 1 year of college Must posses valid drivers license Must be able to pass background check and drug screening during staff training week Must have patience and compassion for teaching the next generation how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly.
250 per week. Paid bi-weekly
  • Housing, Meals, Shooting Ranges, CPR/First Aid Certification, Archery Instructor Training, Shotgun Instructor Training, Hunting and Fishing Privileges, Future Employment with South Carolina Waterfowl Association
How to Apply: