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Scholarship List


Walter P. and Dorothy C. Alfriend Memorial Scholarship

Established in loving memory of Walter and Dot Alfreind. They were born and raised in Hancock County, Georgia, where they remained throughout their lies. Walter was a rural mail carrier and timber and cattle farmer. Dot was a school teacher and librarian. They each knew the importance of education and worked hard so their son, Jim, and daughter, Nell, could attend college. One of Dot's favorite sayings was, "You may not be the smartest, but you can always be the most prepared". That spirit rings true for this scholarship, which is awarded annually to a forestry student from rural county Georgia that exudes self confidence, determination, and leadership qualities.

B.E. Allen Scholarship

Jon Liles created this scholarship in memory of his mentor, Mr. B.E. Allen, who worked with Union Camp Corporation and served as a mentor to Jon. Jon credits Mr. Allen with his successful career and for providing him with so much support during the early years of his career following graduation from UGA. The purpose of this scholarship is to provide support to an outstanding graduate student in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources who has demonstrated a commitment to the management and utilization of forest resources.

Alumni Scholarships

The Warnell School is proud to have a very active group of alumni who support students by giving their time and resources. Each year, Warnell provides several renewable scholarships to incoming professional students who demonstrate academic excellence and leadership. The number of scholarships awarded varies each year, but they are a direct result of annual gifts to the Forestry Fund.

Earl D. and Wanda Taylor Barrs Entrepreneur and Leadership Support Scholarship

Earl D. Barrs and Wanda Taylor Barrs are 1974 graduates of the University of Georgia; Earl earned a BSFR in Forest Resource Management and Wanda earned a BSHE in Home Economics Education. Both have been avid supporters of their respective colleges, actively participating in their alumni associations and serving as key advisors to the deans of their respective schools. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial support to either an undergraduate or graduate student who has demonstrated interest in developing leadership skills or an entrepreneurial spirit. The recipient has been selected for his/her demonstrated potential as a future leader and entrepreneur and with consideration for his/her demonstrated academic capabilities.

Judith Fitzgerald Brooks Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship was established in honor of the late Judith Fitzgerald Brooks, who earned her BSFR degree in Forest Resources in 1984 and her MFR in 1995 from the Warnell School. Judy was a Warnell staff member from 1988 to 1999. This scholarship was established by Judy’s parents, Richard and Mary Fitzgerald, and her husband, Jeff Brooks, in her memory. The recipient must demonstrate an interest in sustainable forest production.

Bubba Dawg Graduate Scholarship

Named in honor of Robert “Bubba Dawg” Izlar, the director of the Harley Langdale Jr. Center for Forest Business, this scholarship was established in 2015 by Mike Newsome, owner of U.S. Land & Farms, LLC. His company was founded on the vision of providing exemplary brokerage services to financial institutions and organizations that have timberland and rural property as part of their lending or investment portfolios. Mike is a strong supporter of Warnell and appreciates the benefits this one-of-a-kind program brings to the investment community. This award is given annually to an outstanding graduate student studying forest business.

Burgin Timberland Endowed Scholarship

The Burgin Timberland Endowed Scholarship provides support for an undergraduate second year professional student in Forestry. Recipients must demonstrate maturity, academic achievement and commitment to the principles of sustainable forest management. Forestry has been the backbone of the Burgin family for more than 100 years. Through this endowment Burgin Timberland hopes to ensure the quality and capabilities of tomorrow’s forestry professionals by supporting the education of today’s students.

Charles Leon “Lee” Cherry Jr. Graduate Support

Charles L. "Lee" Cherry Jr. remembered growing up in Myles Standish State Forest in Massachusetts. Lee's father, Charles Sr. was supervisor of this 18000 acre forest. Charles Sr. eventually retired in 1966 as a Regional State Forester for Massachusetts. Lee helped his grandfather log with draft horses on his own property as well as Maine and New Hampshire National Forests. He worked at a local sawmill before joining the Navy in 1943 at the age of 17. He served on the carrier USS Lexington for the duration of World War II. After the war he did crop dusting with helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. As a Naval Reservist, he was called back in the Korean War to fly transport, occasionally bringing stabilized wounded back to the US. In 1952 Lee moved his young family to Walton County, Georgia. He supported them with assorted jobs including managing dairies, building golf courses, farming, and others. He retired from his fleet of over the road trucks after 40 years of hauling for Wellington Leisure Products in Madison, Georgia. For recreation while in Walton County Lee spent many hours at the Walton County Airport. He enjoyed instructing others to learn to fly, as well as towing and flying sailplanes. He loved hunting deer and birds as well as just spending time in the woods. He was amazed at the fast growing southern pines. He managed his trees on his farm in Walton County, also constructing his own sawmill. After retiring to Elbert County, he purchased a moderate piece of pine timber property. He was happiest when caring for and hunting this land.

Martha Smith & Edward “Ed” Newsome Cooper Graduate Fellowship


Edward “Ed” Newsom Cooper was a 1934 graduate of the University of Georgia Peabody School of Forestry. He spent his career with St. Regis Paper Company in positions of increasing responsibility culminating as Forest Manager for St. Regis’ Suwannee Forest in Fargo, Georgia. During his career, Ed worked closely with The Langdale Company and Superior Pine Products Company pioneering flatwoods firefighting techniques around the Okefenokee Swamp. He also participated in the development and silvicultural deployment of the Coulter Disc and the Mathis Fire Plow. His greatest operational challenge was the massive reforestation of several hundred thousand acres of St. Regis’ lease lands following the devastating Mule Tail Fire in the Okefenokee in the winter of 1954-55. Reforestation efforts began in 1956 and were completed by 1960. Ed’s leadership in the first extensive U.S. pine plantation establishment during this period was exceptional not only for his employer but also for the many private landowners he assisted. Ed and his wife Martha Smith Cooper made several gifts of land to benefit the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. This fellowship will support an outstanding Warnell graduate student.

J.L. Clutter Scholarship

The fund was established in 1984 in honor of late faculty member, Jerome “Jerry” L. Clutter, who was a pioneer in the field of biometrics and quantitative timber management planning. Clutter founded the Biometrics and Operations Research Unit of the University of Georgia. Jerry guided the creation and development of the Plantation Management Research Cooperative, which is still in existence and provides data and information on the pine plantation resource in the South. This scholarship provides assistance to graduate students in Warnell who will be majoring in Biometrics.

Georgia Coastal Soil & Water Conservation District Scholarship

The Coastal Soil and Water Conservation District is a legal subdivision of the State of Georgia. It was created on February 14, 1945 and is composed of Bryan, Liberty, Long, Chatham, and McIntosh countries. Georgia's resource conservation program implements best management practices regarding the administration of its natural resources. Its functions to describe to each conservation district practical guidelines for land development by working with individual landowners, associated agencies, and other interested parties. The work of each district is an integral part of an overall state conservation program coordinated by the State Soil and Water Conservation Commission. The district exists to serve the public and to ensure a healthy and productive environment. 

Davis-Hollcroft Endowed Forestry Scholarship The Davis-Hollcroft Family Forestry Scholarship provides support for an undergraduate student studying forestry. It was established by Tina Davis-Hollcroft and her nephew, Garret Davis Mack, a graduate of the UGA Warnell School of Forestry. Tina and her late husband, Hal, together built Barefoot Mountain Farms, providing fresh Fraser Fir Christmas trees and wreaths to non-profit organizations for fundraising opportunities. Tina continues this work in addition to serving other philanthropic and civic groups both locally and internationally. Through the Davis-Hollcroft Family Forestry scholarship, they hope to honor Hal’s legacy and the Davis family while touching the lives of future foresters for years to come.
Fred W. Haeussler Scholarship This fund was established to provide support for an undergraduate student studying forestry and to encourage membership in the Society of American Foresters. The fund was named for the late Mr. Fred W. Haeussler, who was very active during his time at Warnell and The University of Georgia. Mr. Haeussler was a member of numerous organizations, editor of the Cypress Knee and associate editor of the Georgia Agriculturist. Mr. Haeussler lettered in track and cross country and was elected as the “Outstanding Male Senior” on the UGA campus. He was inducted in both the Alabama and Georgia Foresters Halls of Fame and in 1999 received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the Warnell School.
Elmo C. Hester, Jr. Scholarship Established by Earl N. and Dorothy Hester of St. Charles, Ill., this foundation-endowed scholarship is awarded to a Warnell professional student every other year. This fund was established to provide scholarships to students in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and the Warnell School.
Hogan Graduate Support Scholarship The purpose of this fund is to support a graduate student enrolled in the Forest Business program in the Warnell School. The fund is named for Mr. Leonard D. Hogan, who received his Bachelor of Science in forestry from the Warnell School in 1954. Mr. Hogan returned in 1956, after two years of service in the Navy, to receive his Master of Forest Resources degree in 1957. Mr. Hogan is a charter member of the Presidents Club, the Jayhole Club, and Xi Sigma Pi.
Frederick William Kinard, Jr. Scholarship Fredrick W. Kinard, Jr., one of the first forest industry wildlife biologists in the country, earned his BS in wildlife management from Warnell in 1962 and a master’s degree in 1964. He began his career at Westvaco, with responsibility to integrate wildlife and forest management. He established programs to protect endangered species four years before the federal Endangered Species Act was adopted and is a leading proponent of wildlife ecology programs on industrial forestlands. He is an active member of The Wildlife Society and the Society of American Foresters. His foundation endowed scholarship supports an academically qualified student.
Charles A. and Rose Lane Leavell Scholarship Charles A. Leavell, forester and popular professional musician, is a great supporter of forest resources in Georgia. He and his wife, Rose Lane, own and manage the 1,200-acre Charlane Plantation in Twiggs County, Ga. Leavell was named the American Forest Foundation’s 1999 Georgia Tree Farmer of the Year and was the National Tree Farmer of the Year in 2000. The Leavells provide this foundation endowed scholarship annually to a student majoring in wildlife who has an appreciation for all uses of forest resources.
Arnett C. and Ruth Mace Memorial Scholarship Established by Arnett C. Mace, Jr. and wife, Barbara, in memory of Arnett’s parents, this foundation endowed scholarship supports a graduate student who has an interest in sustainable forest management. Mace served as dean of the Warnell School from 1991 to 2002, UGA senior vice-president and provost from 2003 to 2010, and is now retired. Recipients of this scholarship must demonstrate leadership abilities and be active in professional organizations. Preference is given to residents of West Virginia, where Arnett and Ruth Mace lived.
Barbara J. and Arnett C. Mace Jr. Graduate Support Fund Established by Arnett C. Mace, Jr. and wife, Barbara, this foundation-endowed scholarship supports a Warnell graduate student who has an interest in water resources, forestry, or forest business. Mace served as dean of the Warnell School from 1991 to 2002, UGA senior vice-president and provost from 2003 to 2010, and is now retired. Recipients of this scholarship must demonstrate leadership abilities and be active in professional organizations.
Martha Love May Memorial Scholarship This scholarship was established by the late Jack T. May, a beloved professor of silviculture and forest soils for more than 20 years, in memory of his wife, Martha Love May. Dr. May was sensitive to environmental and social issues and was a leader in soil conservation and reforestation efforts. He believed in diversity and worked to make minority and foreign students welcome in Warnell and at UGA. He served as president of the Georgia Academy of Science, was inducted into the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame and was a 50-year member of the Society of American Foresters. This foundation-endowed scholarship is provided annually to an outstanding professional or graduate student who is actively involved in extra-curricular activities, both inside and outside of Warnell.
Robert Gooding McAlpine Scholarship The family of Mr. Robert Gooding McAlpine established an endowed scholarship fund in honor of Mr. McAlpine’s 90th birthday. The purpose of this fund is to support students studying forest biology. The first scholarship was awarded in 2012. When Robert G. McAlpine moved to Athens from South Carolina in the 1950s, he began working as a forestry aid with the U.S. Forest Service before enrolling at UGA, where he earned an MFR in 1956 despite not having a forestry-related bachelor’s degree. He was quickly promoted to a research forester, and during his career he maintained close ties with his alma mater, working with Dr. Klaus Steinbeck and Dr. Claude Brown, teaching dendrology, and acting as the faculty advisor for Xi Sigma Pi. He saw the Forest Service build new labs on campus and a nursery at Whitehall Forest before transferring to North Carolina in 1972. In 1976 he became the assistant director for forest research in Georgia and Florida. McAlpine retired in 1979 and now lives in Gainesville.

Arlene C. and Tilden L. Norris Endowed Scholarship

This foundation endowed scholarship provides scholarship support to an undergraduate majoring in forestry. Arlene and the late Tilden Norris were very active in the forestry community. Tilden was the 1996 recipient of the Paper Industry Management Association’s Ray Cross Community Service Award. Though the Norris’s were originally from West Virginia, they sent two sons through UGA. Their oldest son, Dewaine, graduated with a BSF in 1969 and younger son, Tom, earned a BSF in 1971. The Norris’s commitment to education is evident in their support to Warnell and to community colleges in their area.

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative's (SFI) Rob Olszewski Memorial Educational Fund for Future Forestry Leaders  
J. Reid Parker Memorial Merit Scholarship This scholarship was established in memory of J. Reid Parker, who served the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources, its students, and the forestry profession for 32 years as a teacher, advisor, mentor and friend. The purpose of the scholarship is to celebrate and remember Reid’s love for Warnell and, most especially, his commitment to its students. Recipients have demonstrated their commitment to the School through their strong academic performance, aspirations of leadership, ability to overcome challenges and a proven record of commitment to others.

Archie Patterson Endowed Scholarship

Established in honor of the late Professor Emeritus Archie Patterson, a beloved teacher who taught forest management, history and ethics in Warnell for more than 40 years, this scholarship provides a one-year, full in-state tuition for a professional or graduate student. Recognized nationally as the conscience of the forestry profession, Patterson championed forester registration and urged standardization and continuing education courses that held registered foresters to a high level of professionalism and competency. The endowment was established by the late Lawrence N. “Tommy” Thompson (BSF ‘48), and continues to be supported by the Patterson Family. Mr. Thompson was an innovative forester, civic leader and businessman, who before his death in 1999, was president of T&S Hardwoods, Milledgeville, Ga.

Robert W. and June C. Porterfield Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2005 by former Warnell Dean Richard L. and Rita S. Porterfield, this scholarship is in loving memory of Richard’s parents, Robert and June Porterfield of Marion, Ohio. Robert and June had three children and were happily married for over 50 years. The scholarship is given annually to a married graduate student.

Ernest E. Provost Scholarship

This foundation endowed scholarship was established by Dr. Forest E. Kellogg, Dr. Provost’s first graduate student, and the Warnell Alumni Association in honor of Professor Emeritus Ernie Provost, a wildlife professor remembered for his unique teaching style and commitment to students. It supports a professional student in wildlife or fisheries with a demonstrated commitment to the management and wise use of forest resources. Dr. Kellogg’s wish in establishing this scholarship was to provide the same quality education to future students that Dr. Provost provided to his students.
N.E. Georgia Quail Unlimited Scholarship

The N.E. Georgia Quail Unlimited Chapter sought to promote awareness of wildlife habitat for the preservation and education of the quail habitat in Northeast Georgia by supporting the efforts of research, education and service in game-bird management, meeting the challenges faced by threatened quail populations and their habitats, and growing public awareness of this great resource by providing scholarship and research opportunities to students and faculty. This fund supports the game-bird management program in the Warnell School by providing scholarship funds for students with a demonstrated interest in quail management.

William Tyler Ray Scholarship

William Tyler Ray, a World War II veteran and a 1926 UGA Law School graduate, was a well-known realtor and attorney with HQ Epting and Company. As a student, he was a member of Sigma Delta Kappa legal fraternity and the Demosthenian Literary Society. He was active in the Lions Club, serving as its president, district governor and chairman of the Board of Governors for Lions Club International. Upon his death in 1959, his will included a bequest providing for this scholarship fund. The scholarship provides funds for entering professional students with well-defined goals for a professional career in forest resources.

Clarence Lee "Mutt" Rhodes, Jr. Graduate Fellowship  C. L. (Mutt) Rhodes, Jr. was born in 1927 into a sawmill family, graduated from University of Georgia Terry College of Business Administration, and served in the united States Navy during World War II. He returned home after WWII, joined the family business, and is still active (2016) in the day to day affairs of forest management. Rooted in the timber industry, Mutt wants to see the industry prosper for future generations. This fellowship will support an outstanding Warnell graduate student. 
Gerald B. and Charlotte Alexander Saunders Scholarship The late Gerald B. and Charlotte Alexander Saunders were enthusiastic supporters of the forestry industry in Georgia and the South. Gerald Saunders was a founder of the Southern Pine Association, and in the early ‘70s served as president of the Georgia Forestry Association. In 1918, he went to work for Alexander Brothers Lumber Company, and there he met and married Charlotte Alexander. Together they guided the company into success, supporting the education of young people along the way. Their son Richard V. Saunders, Sr. and wife, Kay Wike Saunders, helped Gerald and Charlotte establish this scholarship to benefit students of Warnell, since they too are deeply committed to education, young people and forest resources in Georgia.

Shirey Forestry and Natural Resources Education Endowment

Nellie Herringdine established this fund to commemorate her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Benjamin Shirey, who gave her the wonderful gift of education. Her parents were determined for her to receive a good education and succeed in the world. Nellie’s father financed her education by cutting and selling timber grown on the family farm. Nellie graduated from Georgia State College for Women and was the first in her family to earn a degree. She went on to receive her Masters in Education from Georgia College. Although Nellie didn’t attend UGA, her fondness grew when her son William Herringdine graduated from UGA and where he also enjoyed a successful career.

C.M. and Bernice C. Stripling Freshman and Professional Scholarships

C.M. and Bernice Stripling have been avid supporters of education, agriculture and forestry in Georgia. Mr. Stripling was the 1986 Georgia Tree Farmer of the Year and the 1987-88 National Tree Farmer of the Year. Long-time residents of Camilla, Ga., the Striplings have fought with much success for timber tax relief and have been major contributors to the success of Warnell and the forestry community in the state. Their fund, established in 1987, provides scholarships to a freshman and professional forestry and wildlife student with an expressed interest in the management of forests for sustained productivity.

Superior Pine Products Scholarship

William M. Oettmeier was president and general manager of Superior Pine Products from 1926-1975. During this time, he founded the Forest Farmers Association. He was also president of the Georgia Forestry Association and the American Forestry Association. He pioneered the use of fire prevention and control in the South. After he retired, his son William M. Oettmeier, Jr. served as president and general manager of Superior Pine Products. He also served as president of the Forest Farmers Association, the Georgia Forestry Association and was a loyal supporter of the Warnell School. He was an articulate spokesman for the forestry community and a champion of fair taxation for timberlands. He was a Fellow in the American Society of Foresters, a GFA Wise Owl recipient and an inductee in the Georgia Forester’s Hall of Fame.

This scholarship, which honors the Oettmeier’s commitment, involvement and contributions to effective management and use of Georgia’s forest resources, supports a professional student. Recipients must demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, commitment to the management and wise use of forest resources and exceptional potential for advancing the forestry profession.

H.M. “Mac” Thompson Scholarship

Mr. Hugh M. “Mac” Thompson, of Toombs County, Ga., moved to Pierce County where he and his wife Mary raised their two children. In 1962, Mac purchased Pierce Timber Company and developed it into one of the most important industries in that area. Since that time he has created several thriving businesses and provided a strong job market for Pierce County residents. He served on the Pierce County Industrial Authority, Chamber of Commerce, Lions Club and the American Legion. He was a founding member of the Recreation Board in Blackshear County, and is a proud member of the Georgia Forestry Association, American Pulpwood Association and Forestry Board in Patterson, Ga. This scholarship was founded to honor his commitment to help young people better their opportunities.

William N. Thompson Distinguished Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1999 by friends and family in memory of William N. (Bill) Thompson, a forest industry leader in Georgia and the South. Mr. Thompson earned his BSF in 1953 at UGA, attending on a full four-year scholarship provided by Union Bag Corporation. After purchasing Hazlehurst Lumber Co. in 1957, he established Thompson Hardwoods, Inc. Mr. Thompson pioneered the harvesting and delivery of pine timber in tree-length form, and was the first to use long-haul truckers to deliver tree-length chip wood into St. Mary’s, Ga. Mr. Thompson’s wife, Barbara, and their children Bert Thompson, Phyllis Johnson, William Nordeck Thompson and Edye Faircloth continue to support this foundation endowed scholarship in loving memory of Bill. It supports an entering professional student majoring in forestry.

Trout Unlimited Cold Water Fisheries Scholarship

Trout Unlimited works for the conservation, preservation and restoration of North America’s coldwater fisheries, and is committed to applying “the very best information and thinking available” in its conservation work. Founded by the Coosa Valley and Oconee River Chapters of Trout Unlimited, this scholarship supports a student who has a demonstrated interest in cold water fisheries. These two chapters of Trout Unlimited have a long history of supporting educational efforts and continue to raise funds in support of this UGA Foundation Endowment. This scholarship shows how organization affiliates can make a great impact in perpetuity by pooling their resources to provide opportunities for promising students.

Oconee River Chapter Trout Unlimited Cold Water Fisheries Student Research Fund Trout Unlimited works for the conservation, preservation and restoration of North America’s coldwater fisheries, and is committed to applying "the very best information and thinking available in its conservation work. Founded by the Oconee River Chapter of Trout Unlimited, this scholarship provides student research support for cold water fisheries in the Southeastern U.S. 

Knox and Kathryn Wyatt Memorial Forestry & Natural Resources Scholarship

The Knox and Kathryn Wyatt Memorial Scholarship Fund provides annual support to an undergraduate student majoring in fisheries and aquaculture, soils and hydrology, or wildlife. This scholarship was created by the Wyatt’s late son, Joseph Eugene Wyatt. Gene, as he was known by his family and friends, lived in Jackson County, Georgia, in a log home located on a beautiful pond, surrounded by native wildlife. He cared deeply about his natural surroundings and traveled the globe to appreciate the diverse beauty of nature. Gene was devoted to his parents and deeply committed to education. He wanted to honor his parents’ memory by providing educational opportunities in forest resources to those who share his love of nature and might benefit from his generosity.


Gordie J. Yancey Scholarship

Established in honor of the late Gordie J. Yancey, one of Gwinnett County’s largest private landowners, this foundation endowed scholarship supports a student in the professional program. Mr. Yancey attended a seminar sponsored by Warnell in the 1930s about investing in land and growing timber. That experience led him to acquire and manage thousands of acres of timberland in Gwinnett County well before urbanization. He continued to purchase lands well into the ‘40s and ‘50s for timber harvesting. Mr. Yancey also gave a number of acres to Gwinnett County for roads and development, though at his death, he still held over 3,500 acres. Gordie’s wife, Ruth H. Yancey, established this scholarship as a lasting tribute to her husband and his success after attending that forestland investment seminar so many years ago.

Young Alumni Scholarships for Leadership Training

This fund was established to perpetually enhance student leadership qualities for both undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources. The scholarship provides funds for fees and travel costs for students to attend professional meetings, participate in leadership conferences or attend seminars, or to pay an honorarium for speakers or consultants focused on developing and enhancing leadership skills. The members of the Young Alumni Committee worked diligently for several years to raise the funds necessary to endow this scholarship. The Young Alumni Committee continues to enthusiastically support other leadership initiatives, such as graduate assistantships.