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Undergraduate Q&A: Hudson Jordan

'Warnell seemed to be a perfect fit'


Jordan HudsonDegree you’re earning: BSFR in forestry

Hometown: Saint Marys, Georgia

Expected graduation: Fall 2019

Personal information: I have a 1-year-old golden retriever named Oakley, who is named after Jane Oakley, the first female forestry student at UGA.

How did you find Warnell?: By researching online for schools offering degrees in natural resources. Warnell seemed to be a perfect fit and UGA seemed to be the perfect school. (And they were!)

Post-graduation plans: I plan on continuing my education in Warnell by pursuing my MFR degree and focusing on timber procurement.

How’d you choose your field? Some careers in forestry allow you to not only spend a lot of time outdoors and appreciate our natural resources, but also to dive into the competitiveness and rush of the business world. For me, it’s the perfect balance. Also, the people in the timber industry are generally genuine and personable, which creates a comfortable and enjoyable work environment.

What area of interest are you passionate about? Spending time outdoors. Preferably in a boat on the coast, fishing. 

What is your best UGA memory? Spending Saturdays in the fall cheering on the Dawgs with 92,746 of my closest friends!

What is your best UGA memory? I was a fisheries and wildlife major for my first two years at UGA. I wanted to focus on environmental and conservation education. Eventually I found that forestry and the timber industry were a better fit for my interests and goals for the future.

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