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Graduate Q&A: Angela Burrow

Research led student to pursue her doctorate


Headshot of Angela BurrowDegree you’re earning: PhD, Forestry and Natural Resources

Hometown: Longwood, Florida

Previous education: Georgia Gwinnett College, BS '14

Expected graduation: May 2020

Personal Information: I am married to Frank Burrow and have three children (Garrett, Abby, Ellie) and two grandchildren (Kyla, Zurich). I like to garden with native plants and am working to turn my Athens yard into a Certified Native Plant Habitat. I’ve volunteered with the Georgia Native Plant Society for six years. We have three dogs, two cats, three frogs and are babysitting a snake! I also like to backpack when I have the time. 

How did you find Warnell? My professors at GGC always spoke highly of the programs at UGA for ecology and conservation; knowing my strong interest in research with application they recommended Warnell. After a little research I discovered Dr. John Maerz had research interests that aligned with my interests in plants and amphibians.

Post-graduation plans:

I would like to find a faculty position where both my passion for teaching and research are valued. I love both equally!

How’d you choose your field?

As an undergrad, I was fortunate to have supportive mentors who recognized my interest in ecology before I realized where my own heart lay. They recommended me for two research experiences, one in the Mojave Desert and another at Miami University in Ohio, which solidified that wildlife ecology was the place for me.

What research/area of interest are you passionate about?

I am broadly interested in the role that vegetation plays in mediating population dynamics in species with dual habitat requirements, particularly when these habitats are managed differentially. My current research focuses on examining how forest succession and restoration affect threatened amphibians across wetland-to-upland habitat within the longleaf pine ecosystem. I am also interested in fostering active learning within STEM fields, particularly introductory science courses. I am also passionate about communicating scientific understanding to professional and general audiences, and working to protect vital systems with this knowledge.

What is your best UGA memory?

Anytime I am working with my colleagues–either my lab-mates, who are fantastic, or volunteering with WiSci or EcoReach, both organizations that seek to expand the reach and diversity of science.

What’s something interesting people may not know about you?

Probably that I like to quilt even though I’m not very good at it! But it is fun, relaxing and creative so it is a great way to unwind.

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