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Focus on Undergrads: James Talkin

In each edition of The Log, we feature an undergraduate student and discuss their passion for natural resources, how they found Warnell, and their aspirations for the future. In the summer edition, we profiled James Talkin, who will graduate in December.


Degree you’re earning: BSFR, Natural Resource Management and Sustainability with a GIS emphasis.

Hometown:  I am originally from Southern California, but I have made Athens my home for almost 15 years now.

Previous education:  AS, University of North Georgia

Expected graduation: December 2019

How did you find Warnell? I knew I wanted to get involved with water conservation, so I started looking around online for universities in the area with a degree that would fit. Warnell seemed to be the best fit.

Post-graduation plans: I am going to try to do water conservation. I don’t know what exactly, but I hope it has a heavy dose of field work.

How did you choose your field? During that drought we had back around 2006, I learned how precarious our fresh water situation was. I tried to do what I could to reduce my water use. That is when I decided that I would like to do something more to preserve our freshwater resources. When I took my first GIS class a decade later I felt like I found an interesting field that could be helpful in managing water resources and so I went with it.

What research are you passionate about? I haven’t started any research yet, bit I hope to be involved with something soon.

What is your best UGA memory? I look forward to creating many great memories, but so far my greatest moment was receiving the letter accepting me into Warnell’s professional program.


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