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Research News from Warnell

Thu, 04/22/2021 - 05:12pm - On the one hand, logging companies are facing a crisis: There are about 40% fewer logging businesses today than there were 30 years ago, with many more owners slated to retire in the next decade. But on the other hand, the industry is primed for new growth, stemming from a new generation of loggers capitalizing on efficiencies and opportunities in the market.
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Thu, 04/15/2021 - 02:16pm - High in the mountains of Colombia, a species of bear known for its black coat and cream-colored “spectacles” around its eyes builds nests in trees and forages for food.
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Fri, 04/02/2021 - 12:54pm - Case studies show how policy, process—and politics—can influence public lands’ future   Every well-managed forest needs a plan.
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