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Scott W. Oswald

Graduate Assistant
M.S. Student

Contact Information

Warnell Graduate Assistant

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Campus address

Warnell Forestry 4-504


Masters of Science Student - University of Georgia (2016-current)
B.S. in Biology - Georgia Southern University (2016)
  • Hometown: Augusta, Georgia



Research Areas Detail:
  • Tree Physiology
  • Forest Ecology
  • Mathematical & Theoretical Biology

Research Summary:

  • I am currently studying the physiology of carbon allocation and carbon storage in trees. I am working on connecting tissue/cell plant physiology with whole-plant physiology and ecology. To function as a cohesive whole, all plants must coordinate their behavior at the cell level. How do storage tissues coordinate with leaves, vascular tissue, and meristems to act collectively as a carbon source or carbon sink? How does tissue-level physiology correspond to whole-plant physiology? To answer these questions, I am attempting to apply mathematical ideas from graph theory, dynamics, and category theory to derive predictions for carbon allocation phenomena.

I am currently a teacher assistant for FANR 3000 Field Measurements.

Courses Regularly Taught: