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Robert L. Izlar

Director, Harley Langdale Jr. Center for Forest Business

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Pictured: Robert Izlar

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MBA, Georgia Southern University - Finance
MFR, University of Georgia - Forest Management
BSFR, University of Georgia - Forest Management

Prior Positions:
Executive Director: Georgia Forestry Association 1987 - 1998
Executive Vice President: Mississippi Forestry Association 1984 - 1989
Division Forester: American Pulpwood Association 1978 - 1984
District Manager, Wood Procurement: Brunswick Pulp Land Company 1974 - 1978
Military Police Officer: U.S. Army 1972 -1974, U.S. Army Reserve 1971-2006



Research Areas Detail:

Forest investment science, ad valorem tax policy, international competitiveness of U.S. South forest sector, forest policy analysis, forest business leadership, natural history of the Okefenokee Swamp, land tenure changes and forest management implications.

Recent Citations:


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"National Timber Tax Website", USDA Forest Service, 09/01/2009-08/05/2019 $360,000

"Sustainable Forestry Initiative Program", Georgia Forestry Association, Inc, 01/01/2000-01/01/2019 $2,495,000

Professional Affiliations

Georgia Registered Forester  1104
SAF Certified Forester 1656
SAF Fellow
Fellow, Swedish Royal Academy of Agriculture and Forestry

Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame

Georgia Forestry Association Board of Directors

Forest History Society Board of Directors

Courses Regularly Taught: