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James Beasley

Associate Professor, Wildlife Ecology & Management

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Research Areas Detail:

Research in our lab is focused on addressing both theoretical and applied questions in wildlife ecology and management. In particular, much of our research is interdisciplinary in nature and uses a combination of field and laboratory approaches to develop science-based solutions to facilitate the management and conservation of wildlife populations.

We work on a diversity of taxa including carnivores, ungulates, birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates, within the general framework of the following major themes:

1) Effects of anthropogenic perturbations to ecosystems (e.g., habitat fragmentation, urbanization, environmental contamination) on the movement behavior, population dynamics, and health of wildlife,

2) Wild pig ecology and management,

3) Carnivore ecology and management,

4) Scavenging ecology, and

5) Human-wildlife interactions.

Please visit my lab website for additional details on some of our current projects.