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Dr. Sonia M. Hernandez

Professor, Wildlife Disease & Wildlife

Contact Information

Contact Dr. Sonia M. Hernandez


Campus address

Warnell 4-325


Ph.D., Ecology, University of Georgia, Athens, GA - 2008
DVM, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA - 1996
Dip ACZM, Zoological Medicine - 2002 Internship in Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, Sonora Veterinary Specialists - 1996-1997
Residency in Zoo/Wildlife Medicine, Cornell Univeristy, Ithaca, NY - 1998-2001
BA in Biology, Minor in Chemistry, University of New Orleans, New Orleans - 1992

I am a Professor of Wildlife Disease, in a shared position between the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources and the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study, Department of Population Health, at the College of Veterinary Medicine.


Research Areas Detail:

I am interested in all aspects of wildlife disease, particularly how pathogens affect wildlife populations, communities and ecosystems and primarily with an applied perspective. I have and will continue to conduct research that attempts to understand how anthropogenic changes to the landscape can affect disease dynamics. My research has and will encompass the intersection of human, animal and wildlife health. I aim to integrate ecological principle to inform the fields of conservation medicine and wildlife disease investigation.


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Vice President of the Wildlife Disease Association

Member, Wildlife Disease Association, American Association of Wildlife Veterinarians, Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians, The Wildlife Society: -Present