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Dr. Robert Bringolf

Graduate Coordinator
Associate Professor, Fish Biology and Ecotoxicology

Contact Information

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Campus address

Warnell 3-408
Ph.D. Fisheries Biology and Toxicology, Iowa State University, 2002
M.S. Biology (Aquatic Science), University of Wisconsin- La Crosse, 1997
B.A. Biology, Wartburg College, 1995
Curriculum Vitae:


Research Areas Detail:

Major research themes explored in my lab are related to understanding the effects of environmental pollutants on fish and freshwater mussels as sentinels of ecosystem health. Current areas of research include: 1) endocrine disruption in fish exposed to agrochemicals, 2) factors and effects associated with intersex in fish, 3) effects of pollutants on early life stages of freshwater mussels, and 4) aquaponics.

Recent Citations:

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