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Dr. Richard Bin Mei

Hargreaves Professor of Forest Finance
CFA level II candidate

Contact Information

Pictured: Dr. Bin Mei

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Campus address

Warnell 4-528
PhD, University of Georgia, 2010
MS, Mississippi State University, 2007
MS, Beijing Forestry University, 2005
BS, Beijing Forestry University, 2002


Research Areas Detail:

Timberland investment
Forest products market and industry
Decision making under uncertainty

Recent Citations:

Journal articles selected. Full list available at my ResearchGate page.

Restrepo, H., B. Mei, and B. Bullock. 2020. Long-term timber contracts in the southeastern US: Updating the primer valuation framework. Forest Science 66(6): 653-665.

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Mei, B., D. Wear, and J. Henderson. 2019. Timberland investment under both financial and biophysical risk. Land Economics 95(2): 279-291.


FINA 7110 Valuation (MBA class at Terry College of Business)
FORS 7780 Timberland Accounting, Finance and Taxation
FORS 7790 Forest Finance Decision Making