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Dr. Michael Yabsley

Professor, Wildlife Disease

Contact Information

Dr. Michael J. Yabsley

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Campus address

Wildlife Health Building, College of Veterinary Medicine, Wildlife Health Building
Lab Location:


PhD Infectious Diseases, University of Georgia, 2004
MS Zoology (Parasitology), Clemson University, 2000
BS Biological Sciences (major) and Wildlife Biology (minor), Clemson University, 1997

Become involved in a new project

Is COVID-19 changing the way you spend time outdoors?

Does that change the risk of tick exposure for you, your family, or your dogs?

Our goal is to determine if COVID-19 restrictions on society have had an effect on the time that people or their pets spend outdoors and if this change is associated with a change in risk of exposure to ticks or tick-borne diseases.

hiking family

Your participation will involve filling out a short online anonymous survey that should only take about 10-15 minutes of your time (or less if you do not have children and/or dogs).

 Please click here to access the survey or paste this link in your browser - or

Also, please share this survey with anybody that you think would be willing to complete the survey.

I greatly appreciate your participation in this study, if you have any questions please contact me at  



Research Areas Detail:

Wildlife Diseases, Zoonotic Diseases, Parasitology, Vector-borne pathogens

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