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Dr. Michael T. Mengak

Professor, Wildlife Specialist

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Campus address

Warnell 4-428
Ph.D. 1987 Forestry/Wildlife Clemson University Dissertation: 'Impacts of natural and artificial regeneration of loblolly pine on small mammals in the South Carolina piedmont.'
M.S. 1982 Forestry/Wildlife Clemson University Thesis: 'A comparison of two diet analysis techniques applied to white-tailed deer in coastal South Carolina.'
B.S. 1979 Fisheries/Wildlife Virginia Tech
Curriculum Vitae:


Research Areas Detail:

Research focuses on human dimensions aspects of wild pigs; management and economic impact of wild pigs; nuisance wildlife management, natural history and ecology of woodrats (Allegheny and Key Largo); and,  inventory and monitoring of mammals.

Management and Impact of Wild Pigs

Human dimension surveys related to citizens (landowners, hunters, farmers, etc.) issues arising from wild pig occurrence and economic damages as well as beliefs and attitudes; extension outreach related to wild pig management and resolution of conflict issues.

Allegheny Woodrats

Conduct a survey of historical sites in Virginia for the presence of Allegheny woodrats. Collect biological data on individuals captured and habitat/landscape date for each site sampled.

Area of Specialization
Inventory and monitoring of non-game wildlife; wildlife damage management; wildlife service and outreach

Recent Citations:

Books or Book Chapters

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Journal Articles (since 2013)

Hohbein, R. R. and M. T. Mengak. 2018.  Extension wildlife damage management in Georgia: Survey of county extension agents.  Human-Wildlife Interactions 12(2): 242-258.

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Conference Proceedings

Todd, C. T. and M. T. Mengak. 2018.  Wild pig hunting outfitters in the Southeast.  Proceedings of the 17th Wildlife Damage Management Conference, 17: 89-90. Perdido Beach, AL. Feb. 26-28, 2017

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Technical Bulletins and Final Reports

Mengak, M. T. 2018. Wildlife Translocation.  USDA Wildlife Services - Wildlife Damage Management Technical Series.  National Wildlife Research Center, Ft. Collins, CO.…

Lombardi, J. V., M. T. Mengak, S. B. Castleberry, V. C. K. Terrell. 2016.  Observations from a rock outcrop camera survey in Shenandoah National Park, Virginia.  National Park Service Final Report. 83 pp.

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Recent Grants and Contracts

Georgia Farm Bill_NRCS Feral Swine Control Pilot Project; 2020-2023 $1,500,000

Cradle of Forestry in America Interpretive Association; 2017-2023 $96,000

Joint Venture Agreement for Natural Inquirer; 2016 $60,000

Survey and protect the rare Allegheny woodrat, NPS-Shenandoah National Park; 2014 - 2016  $49,993

Development of the Georgia Wild Hog Management Field Manual, River Valley Regional Commission; 2013 - 2014  $15,000

Natural resource condition assessment for 5 regional parks, NPS; 2010 - 2013  $285,000

Natural resource conditions assessment for 6 regional parks, NPS: 2005 - 2010 $200,780

Status & Distribution of Allegheny Woodrats in Virginia, Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries; 2009 - 2011  $87,500

Ecological understanding as a guideline for evaluation of nonformal education (EUGENE), USDA Forest Service; 2005 - 2009  $200,780

Assessing knowledge gain from the Natural Inquirer, USDA Forest Service; 2009 - 2011  $96,390

A protocol for monitoring Key Largo cotton mouse, US Fish and Wildlife Service; 2006 - 2008  $75,000


Graduated Students (Since 2013)

In Progress

   Smith, Justine (MS, 2022) - wild pig impacts and damage assessment


  Jaques, Ben (MNR, 2019) - Wildlife Specialist, USDA APHIS Wildlife Services

  Kelley, Steven (MNR, 2018) - Biology Teacher, Forsyth County

  Mingie, James (PhD, 2016) - Post-Doc, Univ Tennessee

  Kanine, Jennifer (PhD, 2013) - Wildlife Biologist, Michigan

  Todd, Charles (MNR, 2017) - UGA Cooperative Extension Agent

  Foster, Michael (MNR, 2015) - Environmental Consultant, North Carolina

  Fulmer, Josie (MNR, 2014) - UGA 4-H Environmental Education

  Hildreth (Ninke), Lauren (MNR, 2013) - Outreach, Missouri Dept Wildlife Conservation

  Arnold, Sarah (MNR, 2013) - ZooAtlanta



My outreach focus is on nuisance wildlife management and human-wildlife conflict resolution.  I work with county extension agents and various landowners and clients to solve urban nuisance wildlife issue.  I also work with county extension agents to resolve wildlife damage issues related to wild pigs, white-tailed deer, and common urban wildlife.  I am the state coordinator for the Georgia Master Naturalist Program.