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Dr. Kyle M. Woosnam

Associate Professor of Parks, Recreation & Tourism Management

Contact Information

Kyle M. Woosnam

Contact Dr. Kyle M. Woosnam

706.542.9948 (office)
864.653.0167 (cell)

Campus address

Warnell Bldg 1; Room 300


Ph.D., Community Tourism, Clemson University, 2008
M.S., Forestry and Forest Products, Virginia Tech, 2003
B.S., Leisure Studies - Parks and Natural Resource Management, University of Illinois, 2001

Previous academic positions:

Texas A&M University - Department of Recreation, Parks, & Tourism Sciences (2008-2016; tenured 2014)


Research Areas Detail:
  • Research methods in social sciences
  • Human dimensions of natural resources
    • Visitor use studies in parks and protected areas
  • Impacts of tourism
    • Economic, socio-cultural, environmental impacts 
  • Sustainable community tourism development and planning
    • International tourism development
  • Community festival planning, management, and impacts
  • Theoretical approaches to examining resident-tourist interactions and relationships within destinations
    • Emotional solidarity, social distance, inclusion-of-self-in-other, contact hypothesis, etc
  • Resource-dependent/amenity-rich communities experiencing change
    • Natural disasters, shifting economies, etc.

Research awards:

  • Sarah H. Moss Fellowship Recipient (UGA; 2018-2019)

Teaching awards:

  • Herrick Superior Teaching Award (UGA; 2018)
  • University Professorship for Undergraduate Teaching Excellence Finalist (Texas A&M; 2015)
  • College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Dean's Outstanding Achievement Award for Early Career Teaching Recipient (Texas A&M; 2013)
  • Fish Camp Namesake (Texas A&M; 2013)
  • Montague Center for Teaching Excellence Scholars Program (Texas A&M; 2012-2013)
  • Student Recognition Award for Teaching Excellence (Texas A&M; 2011)
  • Student Led Award for Teaching Excellence (Texas A&M; 2010)
  • Student Led Award for Teaching Excellence (Texas A&M; 2009)


Courses taught at the University of Georgia

  • PRTM 5700/7700: Community tourism: Impacts, management, and planning
  • PRTM 4700: Social science research methods
  • PRTM 5410/7410: Protected area management
  • PRTM 1100e: Introduction to travel and tourism (online)
  • FYOS 1001: Cultural heritage tourism and its impact on society
  • FANR 4600: Senior thesis
  • FANR 4500: Senior project
  • FANR 1100: Natural resource conservation


Current graduate students' committees chairing:

  • At the University of Georgia:
    • Sam Keith (PhD)
    • Elisabeth Quillian (MS)
    • Tara Denley (MS)
    • Melissa Ray (MS)
    • Davis Jones (MNR)
    • Benjamin Lawrence (MNR)
  • At Texas A&M:
    • Charlemkiat Suriyawong (PhD)
    • Chadley Hollas (MS)