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Dr. Dan Johnson

Associate Professor, Tree Physiology and Forest Ecology

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B.S. Biochemistry, NC State University
M.S. Forestry, NC State University
Ph.D. Biology (Plant Physiological Ecology), Wake Forest University
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Recent Citations:

Benson MC, Miniat CF, Oishi AC, Denham SO, Domec JC, Johnson DM, Missik JE, Phillips RP, Wood JD, Novick KA. 2022. The xylem of anisohydric Quercus alba L. is more vulnerable to embolism than isohydric co-dominants . Plant, Cell and Environment (accepted, in press)

Trueba S, Théroux-Rancourt G, Earles JM, Buckley TN, Love DM, Johnson DM, Brodersen C. 2022. The 3d construction of leaves is coordinated with water use efficiency in conifers. New Phytologist (accepted, in press)

Mrad A, Johnson DM, Love DM, Domec JC. 2021. The roles of conduit redundancy and connectivity in xylem hydraulic functions. New Phytologist 231:996-1007.

Domec JC, King JS, Carmichael MJ, Overby AT, Wortemann R, Smith WK, Maio G, Noormets A, Johnson DM. 2021. Root water gates and not changes in root structure provide new insights into plant physiological responses to drought, flooding, and salinity. Journal of Experimental Botany 72:4489-4501.

Sonawane BV, Koteyeva N, Johnson DM, Cousins A. 2021. Differences in leaf anatomy determines temperature response of leaf hydraulic and mesophyll CO2 conductance in phylogenetically related C4 and C3 grass species. New Phytologist 230:1802-1814.

Hammond WM, Johnson DM, Meinzer FC. 2021. A thin line between life and death: radial sap flux failure signals trajectory to tree mortality. Plant, Cell and Environment 44:1311-1314.

Feltrin RP, Smith AMS, Adams HD, Kolden CA, Johnson DM. 2021. Short- and long-term effects of fire on stem hydraulics in Pinus ponderosa saplings. Plant, Cell and Environment 44:696-705.

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