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Dr. Campbell Joseph Nairn

Professor, Conservation Genetics, Molecular Ecology, Forest Biotechnology

Contact Information

Pictured: Dr. Joe Nairn

Contact Dr. Campbell Joseph Nairn

Ph.D. Major-Molecular Biology/Plant Science, Minor-Zoology, University of Florida
M.S. Molecular Biology/Botany, University of Florida
B.S. Biology, University of Central Florida


Research Areas Detail:

The overarching goal of our research program is to conduct basic and applied research focused on conservation, management, and restoration of natural resources. Molecular genetic and genomic approaches, as well as other biotechnologies are central to our program. Projects in the lab include two somewhat distinct, but complimentary areas of research. 

The first of these is focused on the genetics of wildlife populations, particularly threatened species. The current rate at which species are disappearing or declining is of great concern. Additionally, fragmentation of habitat and populations restricts migration, dispersal and consequently gene flow. We use molecular genetics and genomic approaches to study these populations. Research topics include genetic structure, differentiation between fragmented populations, and inbreeding in small populations. Ongoing projects include the genetic structure of marine turtle populations in the southeastern US and the Greater Caribbean and the reproductive ecology of loggerhead turtles in the US Northern Recovery Unit. Collaborations with marine turtle researchers from around the globe combine data from individual efforts to investigate genetic structure and ecology of marine turtles across ocean basins and on a global scale. 

A second area of emphasis in the lab is Forest Biotechnology. We have characterized genes involved in cellulose and hemicellulose synthesis of loblolly pine and approaches for modifying properties of lignocellulosic feedstocks for bioenergy production. Current research includes forest health, particularly emerging threats to natural forests that are frequently due to introduced pathogens. We collaborate with Dr. Scott Merkle’s research group on American chestnut restoration. A major objective of this work is to identify and propagate American chestnut germplasm with resistance to the chestnut blight Cryphonectriaand root diseases caused by Phytophthora. We accept graduate students for M.S. and PhD. programs of study in the fall semester. Graduate assistantships are available on a competitive basis to qualified candidates. Applications are generally due in January for admission in the fall semester. Application and program details can be found at

Prior Positions:
University of Georgia, Department of Plant Biology, Assistant Research Scientist
University of Florida, Department of Horticultural Sciences, Research Associate
U.S.D.A. ,A.R.S., Horticultural Research Laboratory, Research Scientist

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