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Park/Historic Site Manager In Training (MIT)

Georgia DNR, State Parks & Historic Sites
Job Field:
Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management
Job Type:
Seasonal, Temporary, Internship
Job Description:

Location: To be assigned to dedicated MIT Site and also subject to relocation to any Georgia State Park or Historic Site upon need. Dedicated MIT Sites include but are not limited to: A.H. Stephens State Park, Fort Mountain State Park, Stephen C. Foster State Park, and Florence Marina/Providence Canyon State Park.

Job Responsibilities: Please review performance evaluation for information 

Facilities- The number and type of facilities vary at each site but could include: 

Cottages, comfort stations, RV campsites, rest stations, walk in tent sites, picnic shelters, playgrounds, boat ramps, residences, various support buildings, beach and swimming area, trails, etc.

The Trainee and MIT opportunity offered by PRHS is designed to cover the total operations of a state park or historic site, including visitor services, maintenance, programming, safety and security, and internal administration. In serving as a Trainee or MIT with PRHS, the individual will be, in effect, a representative of PRHS just as a fulltime employed associate. At parks or historic sites with large staffs, Trainees and MITs will see that associates are often assigned specific areas of responsibility and at parks/historic sites with smaller staffs; Trainees and MITs will see that associates are more likely to be cross trained and responsible for a variety of areas. While all parks and historic sites operate under the same administrative procedures, the actual onsite operations vary greatly. Parks and historic sites include various attributes that may be natural, recreational, cultural, and/or historical.


Trainee positions are part-time, 29-hour per week positions filled at the local Region and Park level as positions become available. If you would like to apply for a Trainee position, please apply below.


Trainee Expectations and Qualifications

  • Completion of a BS in natural sciences, resource management, recreation, history, or business administration
  • 29-hours per week
  • Lasts for minimum of 6 months
  • Meet standards of conduct as a representative of Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites
  • Open, engaging, communicative candidates
  • Enjoy the natural environment and customer service
  • $12.00/hour
  • Eligible to competitively apply for open management positions upon completion of the Trainee program

Hours: 40 hours a week, weekends and holidays. Park employees are often needed to work on the actual holiday and be allowed to make up holiday at a later time. The Park is open 365 days per year. 


Work Schedule: Highly variable depending on training schedule. 8:00-4:30 with a 30 minute lunch. Days off will vary according to need and time of year. Holiday and weekend work is required on a regular basis. 


Fair Labor Standards: This position is subject to the Fair Labor Standard Act. This position is subject to a 40 hour work week except in emergencies. 


Residence: The selected candidate must reside in housing provided. Utilities paid by the training park until end of MIT term. 


State Provided Residence, Pets – No pets are allowed.

$ 23,000 annually

State Benefits: Retirement with 401(K) matching up to 3% 


Health Insurance (optional) 


Flex and Deferred Compensation (optional - dental insurance, life insurance, employee assistance, credit union, legal insurance) 


If insurance is selected: 


* If the employee’s hire date is the 1st of the month (unless the 1st of the month falls on a holiday or weekend, then start date will be first working day after holiday or weekend), benefit coverage will be effective the 1st day of the following month. 


* If the hire date is the 16th of the month (unless the 16th of the month falls on a holiday or weekend, then start date will be first working day after holiday or weekend), the employee’s benefit coverage would not be effective until the 1st of the month AFTER 30 days of employment. Approximately 45 days after start date. 


All of these benefits are optional except for retirement. 



Annual Leave - 10 hours per month, can build up to 360 hours before forfeiting leave 

Sick - 10 hours per month, can build up to 720 hours before forfeiting leave. 

12 Paid Holidays per year 

Georgia Compensation up to 240 hours